ZFE in Toulouse: which vehicles are prohibited, which ones are checked, how to be exempted

From January 1, cars and motorcycles with Crit’Air 4 and 5 stickers cannot drive in the Toulouse ZFE. Automated checks won’t arrive until 2024.

Starting this Sunday, January 1, cars and motorcycles with Crit’Air 4 and 5 stickers are prohibited from driving in the low emission zone (ZFE) of Toulouse Métropole. These are 2001-2005 (Crit’air 4) and 1997-2000 (Crit’Air 5) gasoline-powered vehicles sold before September 1997. Registration for two-wheelers should not be earlier than 2004. They join the most polluting vans and heavy trucks to be banned from 2021 or 2022.

ZFE and the perimeter of prohibited vehicles

The restricted zone includes Toulouse within the ring road, as well as part of the western ring road in particular (see map). Violators will face a fine of 68 euros (cars) or 135 euros (heavy trucks and wagons).

Automated checks won’t arrive until 2024

But 2023 will still be a year of “pedagogy” by the police, not verbally, as the prefect’s chief of staff reiterated on the sidelines of a traffic control operation on December 30. “For the fight against pollution and for the health of all, the law must be respected, but we will be in explanation and pedagogy,” explained Mark Zarrouati.

On the other hand, from the second half of 2024, automated checks by cameras will provide automatic information about vehicles entering the ZFE. These checks must be carried out using fixed radars that read the number plate. The system takes into account the vehicles’ Crit’air stickers, as well as the exemptions that certain vehicles benefit from (read article elsewhere)

Corridors to enter the metro park and walk in the ZFE

From today, if you have a vehicle with or without a Crit’Air 4 or 5 sticker, the corridors provide access to the metro park and ride facilities located within the perimeter of the ZFE: Borderouge, Basso Cambo and Argoulets. Specifically, these corridors are parts of the streets that are not included in the ZFE perimeter. For Borderouge, this is the boulevard Andre Netwiller (the section between 32 boulevard Andre Netwiller and 21 boulevard Andre Netwiller). For Basso Cambo it is Avenue Paul Ourliac (including the Basso Cambo roundabout) and for Les Argoulets it is avenue Agde (the section between avenue Lavaur and the roundabout). Dot David Freiman).

Help to buy cleaner vehicles is still available

Since 2020, Toulouse Métropole has awarded 448 “vehicle + clean” bonuses for a total of €1,204,277, including €35,050 for professionals and 4,382 “bike” bonuses for a total of €950,905. These awards may be combined with State and Regional assistance.

How to benefit from the exception and “ZFE Pass”?

Exceptions are made for entering the perimeter of the ZFE, even with a theoretically prohibited vehicle (Crit’Air vignettes 4 and 5). Vehicles benefit from permanent concessions: Ministry of Defense vehicles, vehicles with a “mobility inclusion” card or disabled parking card, police, gendarmerie, customs, fire and rescue, especially ambulances.

Permanent exemptions and exemptions for 3 years

Vehicles benefit from a 3-year concession granted by the Toulouse Métropole: refrigerated vehicles, construction vehicles, tank trucks, livestock transport, market supply vehicles, non-sedentary traders, food producers from their production or supply markets to their production or supply markets . The perimeter of the ZFE, transport specialist vehicles, collectors, vehicles designated for the transport of hazardous materials, exceptional convoys (full list on the Toulouse Métropole website).

“ZFE Pass” is available from January 2023

In addition, the Metropol has voted to install a “ZFE pass” in Toulouse to allow those who use their car only occasionally, such as when visiting family or during a medical appointment, not to be penalized by the device. This ticket will be available at the end of January 2023. It is limited to 52 days per year and is intended for both individuals and professionals, regardless of their place of residence. The request to use the ZFE Pass days will be made through the Toulouse Métropole “online procedures” platform. The application must be made no later than 24 hours before the day of use of the exemption.

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