This electric car can travel more than 750 kilometers with ultra-fast charging

The Chinese brand Hycan presents its latest model, the V09 electric minivan. Originally designed for the Asian market, it has a rather promising technical report with an 800-volt system that promises 750 kilometers of autonomy and very fast charging.

Hardly a day goes by without a new Chinese brand making headlines. After BYD, Nio, Xpeng or Geometry founded by Geely in 2019, the market is now being taken by storm by Asian manufacturers. And Europe is far from being saved enough to become a simple car importer by 2025, which naturally worries experts. And now a new brand is talking about it again by presenting a new model.

Spaceship view

This Hycan, a manufacturer born in China in 2019. This young brand, the fruit of the collaboration between Nio and GAC, unveiled its first car, the 007, in April 2020. Taking the form of an electric crossover, it was initially introduced in April 2020. A concept based on the Aion LX. A year later, it was the turn of the Z03 to enter the lineup, followed by the A06 in 2022.

At the beginning of 2023, this is the fourth model that will enrich the catalog. It’s called the Hycan V09 and it’s being unveiled at the Guangzhou show, this time in China adopts a large minivan silhouette. Inspired by last year’s Concept-M concept, the production model has slightly more discreet lines, though it’s certainly still very futuristic. This is especially true at the front, with its huge full grille flanked by slim optics and vertical air intakes.

This newcomer will then have to compete with the Denza D9 MPV, the result of the alliance of Mercedes BYD and Zeekr 009. If Hycan has not provided any information about the dimensions of the car, the site Car news China recalls that although the wheelbase is unknown, the maximum roof clearance is 1.29 meters. The entrance to the ship is carried out through the usual sliding doors.

If no pictures of the driving position have been published by the company, the van is known to be equipped Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chips to control the front and rear screens. As the site explains It’s homeHycan has also partnered with gaming company Razer to offer undisclosed specific features.

Autonomous driving and very fast charging

So far, the Chinese brand has not released any information about the power of this V09 It is based on the H-GEA platform. If we don’t know the capacity of the battery (should be around 95 kWh) and its supplier, we know it will be possible. recover up to 200 kilometers in just five minutes. Performance made possible by an 800-volt architecture that allows for faster charging. It is this technology that powers the Porsche Taycan, Kia EV6 and other Hyundai Ioniq 5 models.

So the battery will be able to accumulate Charging power up to 380 kW (4C), the most efficient model currently on sale in Europe, Lucid Air, is a record while peaking at 300kW. However, this is not an all-time high, as Xpeng’s electric car G9 reaches 480 kW (5C) and takes only 15 minutes to go from 10% to 80%.

The electric minivan will be able to travel later up to 750 kilometers on a single charge, probably due to the Chinese CLTC era. Attention, because it is more optimistic than our European WLTP, and the autonomy should be after that get closer to 637 kilometers.

Finally, it is emphasized that this new Hycan V09 will be compatible with level 2 semi-autonomous driving. Indeed, the car is equipped with 24 sensors, including laser radar, various cameras and millimeter wave radars. Depending on the brand, the car can then detect pedestrians up to 100 meters and cars up to 250 meters upstream.

So far, Hycan has not announced the release date, and it is not giving the price of the car. It will be launched in China first, however It is not excluded that he will come to Europe one dayfollowing in the footsteps of many other brands.

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