They will celebrate the NBA and basketball in 2023

2022 is almost over, hello 2023! Every new year, there is a share of basketball personalities who will try to make their mark, make their dreams come true and tell people about them. In our opinion, we try to project ourselves a little bit by revealing to you who will definitely be talked about in the NBA and the basketball world in general in 2023.

Victor Vembanyama

He marked the end of 2022 like no other NBA prospect before him. The buzz surrounding the 18-year-old, who will turn 19 in early January, is almost unprecedented. Showcases in Vegas, Betclic Elite matches streamed on League Pass and more. But this is nothing compared to what awaits him in 2023. Because, barring disaster, in a few months Victor Vembanyama will be the first French player to be selected first overall in the NBA draft.

Before comparing himself to the best basketball players in the world and finding out which franchise he will start his career with across the Atlantic, the pivot from Boulogne-Levallois will have the opportunity to leave France with a title, perhaps. . Or at least the MVP trophy for the best scorer of the championship.

Moreover, Wembanyama could also play in the World Cup with the Blues in 2023. The year promises to be very busy for the tricolor prodigy. What is certain is that he has not finished talking about her.

Nikola Jokic

Without much fanfare, he intervened in the debate for MVP. What if Nikola Jokic scores a hat trick in 2023? That would be crazy. It’s almost unimaginable. It would take a mind-boggling season for the voters to decide whether or not to award him the NBA’s most coveted individual trophy for the third year in a row. But averaging close to a triple-double as a center — an unprecedented performance at this level — and leading the Nuggets to a top-3 finish in the Western Conference, isn’t that an exceptional season?

Whether or not he gets drafted, Jokic will remain a must-have player in 2023. Because he’s amazing to watch, a brilliant pass that only he can see. Because he makes absolutely incredible cards for a grandpa his size. And for making his team win more than ever. Denver might even be one of the serious underdogs in the West this year.

Tony Parker

In addition to being the ambitious president of ASVEL, Tony Parker could make a little more history in 2023, even if the EuroLeague results are not yet available. along with nominees Gregg Popovich, his lifelong coach Dwyane Wade and two other international legends, Dirk Nowitzki and Pau Gasol.

Four NBA titles, a Finals MVP title, a EuroBasket, plenty of medals and an entire career at the highest level with the Spurs, he deserves to be named first, right?

LeBron James

His Lakers won’t score this year for good reason. They are on track to miss the playoffs, the third season since LeBron James’ arrival in Los Angeles that they have failed to make the playoffs in five tries. It works for his “legacy. Besides, the narrative will likely focus on another achievement that, let’s face it, remains absolutely huge: The King will become the all-time leading scorer.

He should pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in March 2023. Barring injury, of course. This moment promises to be historic. Exceptional. And it will give the Lakers, the NBA and, of course, James the opportunity to celebrate a feat that no one could have imagined ten years ago. LeBron has already surpassed 10,000 rebounds and 10,000 assists in his career. He could approach 40,000 points this year as well. Totally crazy.

Given the way things are shaping up, wouldn’t 2023 also be the year LeBron decides he’s had enough of Los Angeles and deserves one last call? For the first time in his career, the King could be traded. That alone would be enough to celebrate this year, right?

Trumpets of 2022

Monaco AS

If Lyon-Villeururbanne is suffering in the Euroleague, another French club in the most prestigious and top league of European competition is doing better. The Monegasques may even have a real chance to reach the Final Four in 2023. They are currently ranked…first through fifth! Mike James, Elie Okobo and their teammates have already knocked off big names. Once in the playoffs, who knows how far he can go. A team from France at the top of the continent exactly 30 years after CSP Limoges, this is a dream come true.

Jason Tatum

A bona fide superstar in 2022, then an underachieving finalist with the Celtics in June… Jayson Tatum in 2023 seemed unlikely to do much better. And yet, it’s off to a good start. The Boston winger has taken another step towards establishing himself as one of the five or six best players in the world. More productive, more efficient and more complete. The leader of a team that can beat any opponent.

Tatum is one of the strong MVP candidates. He is the best American to end European dominance in four years. And even if he doesn’t win the trophy, he’ll certainly be one of the next playoff hotshots. With real reasons to believe in the title of the Celtics.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

He can also dream of a third title and MVP. He is even one of the candidates for DPOY. Giannis Antetokounmpo is the best player in the world and he will be this year. He is the new face of the league. A rock that adds little extra elements to the game season after season. The “Greek Freak” of 2023 will therefore be stronger than that of 2022. Especially since he’ll get his revenge in the playoffs. He promises.

Zion Williamson

Here’s a highly anticipated playoff debut. And that’s good, the destination is set for 2023. Barring a major comeback, the Pelicans should qualify and may even have home field advantage. Zion Williamson missed last season’s series against the Suns with his teammates. He has teeth. With all the cameras on him, we’re willing to bet he’ll come out of some very big matches.

If he misses a few more games, the first pick in the 2019 draft is in good shape, and he’s showing everyone that he can really measure up to his time in the NBA. It’s a growing crack in all sections of the game, but it’s already one of the most massive weapons of mass destruction in the league. And it has just begun.

CJ McCollum

In February 2023, players and league owners will have to decide whether to opt out of the current CBA. We already know that the two sides, the third steal of the NBA, will fight for the points that are dear to them. This is where we see the first problem for players union president CJ McCollum.

Overall more highly regarded than his predecessor, Chris Paul, he also has the ability to leverage media leverage thanks to his student experience and new role as a consultant. Avoiding the lockout without giving their teammates the impression they were cheated would be the first win for the Pelicans back.

It’s also not out of the realm of possibility that Zion and New Orleans celebrate with New Orleans in 2023 if they succeed in the playoffs…

Marine Fauthoux and Iliana Rupert

Hopefully we won’t get too far ahead, but there’s a good chance that Marine Fauthoux and Iliana Rupert will both be with the French team at the 2023 EuroBasket in Israel and Slovenia. Franchises that allow their players to sit out the WNBA season will have to be considered, but the Las Vegas Aces are unlikely to be open-minded.

If you followed the 2022 World Cup like we did, you wouldn’t have missed the emergence of Marine Fauthoux as the starting point guard. Something tells us that the Basket Landes player (drafted by New York, mind you) will still take a step forward in terms of leadership and importance in this group with the roaring Euros.

If his girlfriend Iliana Rupert is there, it will be her turn to show muscle with the Blues, who fell short at the World Cup, logically fell from a long and incredible season with Burgess, then won the title. As an alternative to Las Vegas.

In any case, these two girls, along with Gabby Williams, Marine Johannès and co, make us want to watch the French women very closely next June.

mike brown

The Kings haven’t made the playoffs in 16 f***** years. That year they played with Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Mike Bibby, Ron Artest, Bonzi Wells and Brad Miller. Most of the kids in Kings uniforms are old enough to have seen Stojakovic, C-Webb and Jason Williams play. This is a huge scandal and if the coach can break this depressive spiral then he will have celebrated 2023 no matter what. Come on, even going into the game, we’re going to put this nice old Mike Brown as the winner of the race. year

Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner, who has been in captivity in Russia for nearly a year, has announced that she is set to play the 2023 season with Phoenix in the WNBA. For many, returning to the professional game so soon after such a traumatic experience may seem unimaginable, but “BG” clearly believes that being back on the field will help him psychologically. If he helps Phoenix regain their ambitions after a disappointing 2022 season, we’re very pleased and the story could be great. This could also be Diana Taurasi’s last season, and a second title with the Mercury (which would be Taurasi’s 4th) would be a good way to wrap it up.

Breanna Stewart

The WNBA title eluded her two years in a row, unusual for the winning machine that is “Stewie.” With Sue Bird retiring, unless he decides to return home and sign with New York, the spotlight will be on him, which could help him once again celebrate 2023 and basketball in the Big Apple.

Ja Morant

He talks a lot and it annoys Antoine Pimmel, but he thinks he’s behind for the moment! The Grizzlies point guard has become an NBA star, but his rise doesn’t seem to be over. But what if 2023 is the year he and the Grizzlies try to wreak havoc in the playoffs after taking the temperature for the last time? Either way, Morant has what it takes in terms of talent and charisma to further scale the heights of popularity this new year has begun. Find out how a guy whose real name is Temetrius-Camel made Memphis an interesting place!

Luka Doncic

It’s a bit like LeBron, every year is his year. Luke is on track to be consistent in excellence. In 2023, we envision him setting new records with Dallas, perhaps leading the Mavs out of the Conf finals and Slovenia onto the World Cup podium. How much is that? Since we only see one player per generation, nothing should be banned.

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie is out of contract this year and what happens next will give us a good indication of what to expect at the end of his career. Will his level of play sufficiently outweigh his non-athletic commitments? Will Kevin Durant continue to defend him against almost all odds? Will we see Kyrie as less divisive but still virtuoso? So many questions that will make Uncle Drew the central character of 2023.

Michael Jordan

MJ will be 60 years old in 2023. Get ready to absorb stories and tales about Jojo. Some we already know, some we know less and some that might make some noise…

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