Stade Rochelais aims four passes against Aix-Maurienne

A row to extend. Stade Rochelais host Aix-Maurienne this Tuesday evening (20:00) at the Salle Gaston-Neveur, on the occasion of the 13th day of the Pro B. After a very complicated start to the season, rising rochelais just chained three straight victories Orleans faced Quimper and Saint-Vallier last Friday.

Both teams are equal on points in the tournament table. A win would allow Rupella to do well in terms of maintenance. A big match before the two-week break in the league (January 10 away to Nantes). Interview with Marines coach Julien Cortey.

Would a win mean a nice transaction in the standings?

Julian Cortey: Yes, the opportunity is good. For the first time this season, we are in quite positive dynamics and we have a direct competitor in technical service. In the previous games, we were under pressure because we were in fine passing at home, we had to score points, but here there is a different pressure. This is our championship and we have to be there tomorrow (Tuesday).

Can we finally say that the championship was started with this dynamic of victory?

Now it’s time to move on, we’re in good momentum, so we have to surf on it, but don’t forget why we’ve been winning lately. We haven’t solved everything, but we’re having a little more fun right now. We were able to raise our heads because we are together, united, we play well with our heads. We must not forget that. I hope the championship starts. We know we know the Pro B Championship is long. It consists of series and dynamics. In the beginning, we had quite a complicated and difficult dynamic. At this very positive moment for us, we must surf, but has the season started? I hope to be able to say that after the match tomorrow (Tuesday).

Is there a click to explain this end of the negative spiral?

I would like to say yes, but these balances of victory and defeat are very fragile. Even when we lost, we weren’t too far, but we were missing something. For three games. we have this small thing, but it is difficult to feel and measure it. What is certain is that there was a consciousness, perhaps Orleans. I don’t know if we went there with few people? Arnaud Ruffin’s blow to the head after recovery training certainly united us. We saw Arnaud in a difficult situation and told ourselves that we have to do it for him, so we found an energy other than basketball to go for this victory. Since then we have been surfing it quite a bit […] In any case, after the match in Orleans, the players show a completely different face. I like to think that we finally have a common goal and are fighting for each other.

What makes the unwavering support of the La Rochelle community so readily apparent?

This is very important. Obviously, we have real support, a full room. What I want to point out is that we haven’t always produced attractive basketball, we’ve had some tough times and the community has always been there. This is really important. We want to give back to him now that maybe we have found the way and we are playing better, we are also fighting for them, because they did not let us down in difficult moments. And there would be an opportunity to give back to them everything they gave us.

Any final words about your opponent for the evening, Aix-Maurienne?

This is a very attractive team that never lets up. He manages to be in a tight spot at Saint-Quentin and immediately come from behind to beat Orléans. He defeated Chalons-Rheims. They are a team that is used to playing in Pro B, who have been in this division longer than us, they are a very dangerous team. He plays great basketball with two backs and a dominant outside interior, very strong “1-2-5” axis. We have to be able to keep these three very strong players […] Like our last visit, Saint-Vallier had a lot to lose against us. We find ourselves in this position against Aix-Maurienne at home. They can buy themselves a nice gift before the break, I try to make the kids understand that. Like other matches, we have pressure, but we have to stay positive so that we don’t lose our qualities and what we are doing well at the moment. But it’s a game that’s going to be complicated. Anyway, it’s not an easy game when La Rochelle is promoted.

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