Seine and Marne. 19 cars were set on fire in Moissy-Cramayel: three arsonists were arrested

Moissy-Cramayel ©Ville de Moissy-Cramayel 19 cars were set on fire at the Neuer-Perrot car park.

In a criminal court de Melun, on Tuesday, January 3, the three suspects, aged 18 and 19, immediately entered the appearance box, not taking it too far. They immediately meet the fearful gaze of their victims: their owners 19 cars burned three days ago Moissy Cramayel (Seine-et-Marne), in the parking lot of Neuer-Perrot.

One is even known as their immediate neighbor. The tension is palpable. Several of the plaintiffs witnessed the mesmerizing sight that unfolded in front of their homes between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. this New Year’s morning. Cars burst into flames in the parking lot, plumes of smoke rising, tanks and windshields exploding, suffocating heat escaping from the flames. A scene of chaos!

Gasoline bottles

One of the direct witnesses whose car caught fire remembers this scene very well: “I was a hundred meters away, there were three people, one in a Peugeot 208, and two on foot. . They methodically turned on the lights under each car petrol bottles. »

The whole neighborhood is in confusion; but also fear. Especially since the arsonists pretend to run away, come back and run screaming past the flames again. They start working by sitting in the open windows of the doors insults and danger. “They were shouting revengewithout anyone being able to understand who these threats are addressed to,” a victim emphasizes.


Some residents are trying to stop the Peugeot 208. Finally, someone picks up the number and calls the police, who immediately deploy a device to intercept the fleeing vehicle. He will eventually be caught far away and unopposed. Only one person on board (the other two are missing): he doesn’t have a license, he’s drunk, and he tests positive for marijuana. The Peugeot 208 he drives belongs to his mother…

At the meeting, the chairman of the court opens a film showing the facts. They started with several fires around 8 am trash cans, rue des Marronniers. There, the first witnesses are formal: “Bottles of gasoline were hidden there, under the tree, under the truck. All you had to do was help yourself.” These first fires pleased the arsonists, who were 7-8 people at that time. they are filming themselves and take photos in front of the flames.

When the firemen come, they are insulted a lot. The exploitation of these images and telephone demarcation will also be crucial investigation fast and effective city security led by Commissioner Sophie Fleury-Vitali. Because in this case only one driver undertakes his actions. Others deny any connection at all.

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“I was drunk and completely passed out in the back seat,” one said humorlessly. “However, you look very awake in the photo,” answered the president.

In their last moment of regret, the two will say firmly: “Even though we did nothing, we’re sorry.”

Civic parties

Then comes the parade of civil parties in the bar, in humble condition. They talk about their worries, “galleries without cars to take children, go shopping, go to work”… The accused lower their heads a little. They all have multiple convictions in the juvenile justice system.

The lawyer for the civil parties in his argument insists on the word “revenge” used by the arsonists and clearly points to a punitive expedition in the district … on purpose. In turn, the prosecutor returns to the “extremely serious” facts that he opposes the joy of the incendiaries “I am as happy as the last evening of football.” The defense side, in turn, demands the release of both persons who insist on denying the facts.


At the end, the judges come back with a consultation according to the requirements: 8 months imprisonment solid for one and 6 months for the other two, with deposit guarantees. The pecuniary damage to be suffered by the convict will be determined later in the civil court. It should be noted that Moissy City Hall has also filed a civil lawsuit. “It’s catastrophic, it’s sad, it’s unacceptable, it’s inexcusable,” responds Mayor Line Magne. Within the framework of solidarity, our social services will support the victims in their approach with insurance. I would also like to congratulate the police for their speed and efficiency. »

As for the owners of burning cars, they will have to face it. As one of them said after the verdict: “For us hard time Continue! »

Jean-Francois CALTOT

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