scrap bonus is renewed in 2023, here are the new conditions to get it

The conditions for the conversion bonus change in 2023, with more help for the most modest and nothing for the most “good”. On the other hand, acquisition rules are always subject to too many conditions.

While the terms of the environmental bonus for electric vehicles have been known for some time, this was not the case for the conversion bonus (or scrap bonus), although there were some unpleasant surprises.

We also thought that it will not change until 2023, but noWith the publication of Decree No. 2022-1761 in the Official Journal on December 31, 2022, many things change for the new year.

If you didn’t understand much in 2022, you will in 2023. Conditions are still many. they are now more affordable for the lowest incomes. On the contrary, according to the limits announced by the government, they are less for the “wealthiest”, in other words the middle class.

Excluded middle classes

Indeed, this new decree eliminates the conversion premium for households in the last two income deciles. In other words, the reference taxable income in one year must not exceed 22,983 eurosotherwise you will not be entitled to the bonus.

Conditions also vary, because in the sustainability of the environmental bonus, the bonus is reserved for cars with a purchase value of up to 47,000 euros. against 60,000 euros before. Another detail, however, will not apply a priori to any vehicle eligible for this bonus, it must not exceed 2.4 tons in running condition. Assistance is limited to 80% of the purchase price.

Where it gets tricky is with maximum help, which will be almost impossible to take advantage of. This is necessary Single household taxable income of less than or equal to 6,358 euros. If it is higher, it must not exceed €14,089 in addition to meeting the mileage limit, i.e. more than 30 km between his home and work, or more than 12,000 km per year as part of the contract. professional activity with a personal car.

Increasing amounts

If you meet these conditions, the scrap bonus increases. For an electric or hydrogen vehicle (rechargeable hybrids no longer matter), premium €6,000 5,000 in 2022 versus €5,000. The Crit’Air 1 thermals also apply, but with a 4,000 euro contribution against 3,000 euro in 2022.

To add further conditions, if you are under the reference tax income of €14,089 but do not meet the mileage criterion, the allowance is €2,500 for an electric or hydrogen car and €1,500 for a Crit car ‘Air 1. Between 14,090 Euros and 22,983 Euros there will be tax revenue, 2,500 Euros for the purchase of electricity or hydrogen.

let’s remember that The conversion bonus can be combined with the environmental bonus. In addition, the amount of the award is increased by 1,000 euros in Low Mobility Emission Zones (ZFE) and up to 3,000 euros if the local authority provides similar assistance in the ZFE.

When it comes to scrap cars, that doesn’t change. these are always pre-2011 diesel cars or pre-2006 petrol cars. The vehicle must be owned by the beneficiary of the bonus for at least one year. Please note that you have six months from the date of your new car invoice or, in the case of a lease, the first lease payment, to make your application.

Who can apply for conversion bonus?

To take advantage of the script bonus, you must:

  • to be old
  • Settling in France
  • destroying an old car
  • Buying or renting a car from April 28, 2022. Please note: rules are different, car purchased between April 1ster January 27 and April 27, 2022 inclusive
  • that the household has a reference income per unit of less than 22,983 euros

You can use the Ministry of Energy Transition simulator to get a more accurate idea of ​​the amount of bonus you can avail. This will allow you to enter your car details as well as your family’s reference tax income.

Two-wheeled vehicles (including bicycles).

It’s not just cars that are affected. The vehicle purchased or rented may also be a two-wheeler, three-wheeler or an electric quadricycle. Electric assisted bicycles are also concerned and conditions can be consulted here. Here, too, several criteria must be met:

  • No lead acid battery;
  • The maximum net engine power is at least 2 or 3 kW;
  • It must be purchased or leased for a period of two years or more;
  • must be registered in France;
  • Must not be sold in the year following first registration or before at least 2,000 km have been driven.
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