Pontivy: why is there so much destruction in the city?

This truck under the parking lot behind King Toy in Pontivy (Morbihan) hasn’t moved for years. The land is private and the truck was not reported stolen… ©Pontivy Journal

At the far end of the car park behind the King Toy store in Pontivy (Morbihan), this little truck with a blue cab and body with a tag has been parked there for years. He didn’t move an inch. And yet, given his situation, he couldn’t.

The same goes for parked cars behind the former car garage, Rue Jeff-Le Penvern.

But, as in both cases, private land, these ruins could remain there for a long time.

Unless the owner of the land requests. In any case, if the owner of the vehicle cannot be found, the transport is the responsibility of the applicant

Guy Le Cloarec, head of Pontivy municipal police

In December 2022, municipal police were asked to remove six abandoned cars from private land…

Inconvenient and abusive parking

In the public domain, the procedure is simpler. In Pontivy, it is the municipal police responsible for removing parked (poorly parked) and rough (stored in the same place for more than seven days) vehicles.

“Either they call us or we see them during our patrols. Then we check in our file who owns these vehicles and that they are not stolen… We draw up an act on a vehicle that is not parked properly, and if 7 days have passed and it has not moved, we remove it”, says the head of the department. municipal police.

Sold at auction

From year to year and until 2020, about 100 inconveniently and rudely parked vehicles were seized and arrested. Some of these cars have been returned to their owners. Others are being sold by Estates because they are in good condition (estimated value over €760) but the owners cannot be found. The money goes directly to the state treasury.

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“Excavations” are systematically destroyed. “The prefecture has a budget for this; it is he who returns the pound.’

Rue Jeff-Le Penvern, Pontivy (Morbihan), these ruins have been abandoned on private land for years. They are likely to be there for a long time. ©Pontivy Journal

157 cars were destroyed in two years

It was in 2021 that the number of vehicles removed from public ownership and impounded began to increase seriously. That year, £81 recovered 182 improperly parked cars. Out of these 81 cars, 18 were returned to their owners, and 63 were destroyed.

Another 101 vehicles removed were in awkward park; their owners came to collect them.

The fine for a wrongly parked car is 35 euros and 120 euros must be added for the impoundment fee.

Guy Le Cloarec

In 2022, the number of removed vehicles increased to 205, of which 109 were parked improperly. Of these 109 cars, 15 were returned, and 94 were destroyed.

The remaining 96 cars were parked badly.

“People leave their cars behind”

In conclusion, we will go from 81 vehicles in rough parking in 2021 to 109 in 2022. That is, an increase of about 35% in one year! “Many times people move out and leave their cars there. We also have cases where the gray card is not changed…”, says Guy Le Cloarec.

Now all the neighborhoods are worried

If earlier the phenomenon of abandoned cars covered only a few districts of Pontivy, today it is not the case: now all areas of the city are disturbed. On Monday, January 2, the municipal police removed improperly parked vehicles from 4 places. He intervened at Blavet’s residence, the Villa Juliette, the bridges and the Avenue Napoleon-I.er.

Pollution and transport

Removing these tools is also a way to combat visual pollution. And then, these cars can be degraded or used for human trafficking…

Paul Le Guernic, deputy for general affairs and security, among others

Guy Le Cloarec adds: “People need to understand that they cannot leave their vehicle in the same place for more than seven days without moving it.”

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