Our dreams for the NBA and basketball in 2023

Well, 2022 is over. We wish you a clear new year 2023 with some wishes we are trying to form for the NBA and basketball. Therefore, for this new year, we wish:

– World Cup title for the Blues, eliminating Team USA in the process. This time, forty-year-olds are forbidden to enter the final.

– First injury-free season Victor Vembanyama.

– He is coming back Kawhi Leonard at best – like last year. With a top star duo and incredibly deep roster, who can really stop the Clippers?

– It’s a good season Brittney Griner in the WNBA. After all he’s been through, he deserves it.

– End of galleries Paige Bueckers. The NCAAW’s hottest player has been hospitalized multiple times since joining UConn. Now we hope to see him on the field to make the defense dance.

– People start to respect a little Pascal Siakam. The guy is playing the best basketball of his career, but no one cares.

– This Mat Ishbia A pretty cool possession for the Suns only to end the Robert Sarver chapter forever.

– Another year Gregg Popovich. Although it is assumed that he will retire every year, no one is ready for it yet.

– Working League Pass. It should go without saying, but…

– The end of “we have to break everything and rebuild” as soon as a team loses three matches in a row. The allure of novelty is cool. Consistency is better.

– A rebuild for the Bulls. It may seem contradictory, but here we have to indeed rip everything apart and take out the tank, i promise.

– A change of management for the Hornets as things get dramatic. Missing free agency is done. He was a questionable choice to coach the team. Unfathomable moves in the draft, let’s go crazy. Half of the prison workforce: even that is done. But you know what Charlotte hasn’t tried yet? Mitch fired Kupchak and his front office. And maybe it should be considered at this stage.

– People who spend their time saying the NBA used to be better are becoming an endangered species. But this is a utopia.

– We stop using the words “overrated” and “underrated” everywhere as nerves of war.

– That would be goodAdam Silver formalizes a news about the expansion, the story we stabilize. We want it all: the names of the participating cities, the date they entered the league, a tribute to monsters before we act… Oops.

– This Draymond Green Stop treating LeBron like a demigod and defend him in any argument or argument like he owes him $1 million. We understand the respect, but it gets a little awkward after a while.

Moments that marked 2022

– Announcement of Paris Games 2024 with very heavy poster. No disrespect to the Bulls and Pistons, but if we can qualify for Boston-Brooklyn or Philadelphia-Cleveland… Oh and less desperate starting prices for seats while we’re at it. Because we know people who check “sell your kidney” and “mortgage the house” on the shopping list for this year’s game. Even if it’s a GOAT, it’s a bit extreme Alex Caruso It will be on the Bercy floor.

– That players and owners agree and avoid a lockout for the 2023-2024 season. Note that the latter gave permission Dirk Nowitzki to be a champion in stride. Maybe it’s not a bad thing after all…

– More Malika Andrews on ESPN and in our lives.

– Bavarian D7 champion title and AfroCup with Nigeria for the great Antoine Pimmel, now he can apply for dual citizenship.

– Legend Thierry Normandie’s performance on the Reverse podcast or Delayed Session on Twitch.

– New team Evan Fournier. Because there Knicks, we can’t take it anymore.

– In fact, a new team for the Nicks. Because there Knicks, we can’t take it anymore.

– The new owner of the “Knicks” to think about it better. Because there Knicks, we can’t take it anymore.

– That Greta Thunberg is interested in the NBA to smoke all the Twitter trolls with space shots.

– We gave Victor Vembanyama as Christmas presents to several teams that needed him. But we really want it to end in San Antonio. It would be great for him to be in a franchise that is doing so well. And above all, it would allow Pop to end his career in style.

– Well, we were talking about dreams there, yes. Because in fantasy terms, the Lakers would have the No. 1 pick and have to send him to the Pels.

Trumpets of 2022

– The return of the Zone Game. It’s still downright sad that the series ended without being able to deal with the Brooklyn brothel, the Ben Simmons saga, and the Lakers’ failings.

– That LeBron should stop calling himself the King because there was only one and he left us on December 29, 2022.

– By the way, – whether you continue to criticize, argue, whatever you want – you all continue to enjoy every moment that these talents present to you, because the death of Pele, this year between the 60th birthday of Jordan and the 42nd. Alex Carusothis life sure goes by too fast.

– That a Silicon Valley engineer has created a program that can make Bill Russell laugh when you’re depressed. Friendly after watching the game between the Hornets and the Wizards.

– This Kyrie Irving admits he’s been starring in a hidden camera documentary for 3 years so we can finally understand what this shit is and start enjoying his virtuosity to the fullest.

– We present it for the second time Michael Jordan In the Hall of Fame. Not because of his success as an owner in Charlotte, no. But because he provides it with sports John Stockton and Carl Malone Not NBA champions. Stockton revealed that 1,000 (!) athletes who participated in a documentary tested by the QAnon movement last year died “due to the Covid vaccine”. It’s ugly to see the icons of our youth turn into Uncle Albert after 6 glasses of red on Christmas Eve. As for Karl Malone, do we really need to explain?

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