Morvarid K, Enlightenment and art to combat oblivion

Morvarid K, a visual artist whose geography alternates between Berlin and Bordeaux, recently completed an exhibition entitled “Traces”. It was time for visible or invisible traces. This exhibition occupied 350 square meters of the Old Church of Merignac from September 24 to December 18.

From photography to material

Four projects on stone walls: This too shall passetc. Once upon a time, Ecotone and Yuko Moon. “The idea was to use several projects to show my artistic experience through different themes. The interesting thing is that you use several projects and create a connection between them »says the artist. This is a project delayed by Covid-19. “During these two years, the project developed as I continued my work. If the project had been exhibited before the pandemic, the content would not be what it is today., Morvarid K, notes without regret. Delay is sometimes good.

The artist begins by photographing his works before reworking them with collages, drawings, paintings and even collaborations and performances with artists or other artists. In other words, his photographs have relief, substance. This made it possible for people who are blind or visually impaired, hard of hearing or deaf to watch the exhibition. As on this Friday, December 19, Morvarid K’s explanations as the mediator interpreted for two deaf friends in a dead silence.

Inspirational and inspiring

The photographer gets his inspiration from dance and music. Originating from Iran, it belongs to loyal Iranian musicians. Nature and society are also a source of inspiration: “When there is a mixture of beauty and fragility and at the same time something powerful happens; that’s what caught my eye. Both in nature and in society. » This too shall pass for example, between 2020 and 2022 is the case of forest fires in the world. “I started it in Australia and unfortunately continued in France with the forest fires in the region this summer”said Morvarid K.

This photo from the project “This too shall pass” was completed with a green feather pen.

In general, “There are daily horrors to see on the news in Iran. Nevertheless, it is necessary to face all this and be active against it. We must not feel overwhelmed, and we must not ignore, hide, or look away. On the contrary, we should face it. Therefore, we are part of the solution, not the problem. And above all, we identify actions that are moving in the right direction and that offer hope.”, he exclaims. Beautiful philosophy.

The human brain is designed in such a way that we “zap” after a certain amount of time. This leads us to believe that the problem is solved when it is not.

Morvarid K plunged into the artistic universe from a very young age. He owes his extreme imagination and passion to his parents. Today, a ceramicist, her mother writes poems and paints. His father was engaged in calligraphy and photography. “For the record, I started with his camera”he is joking.

The artist also explains that his Iranian identity is very important in his attitude to the world and artistic sensibility: “In Iran, art is a democratic experience and is given to everyone. We are not in “Western education” where we say we are more artistic, literary or scientific. Art is part of daily life for Iranians; they read, write poems or comb. »

A collection of risky projects

With a bit of ambition and courage, Morvarid K allowed himself to be seduced by the first exhibition, then by the second, which then became his full-time job. “Thanks to my friends and relatives who saw my work and encouraged me to attend exhibitions”explains the visual artist.

Morvarid K does not lack inspiration for years to come. The project on protracted forest fires continues. “The goal is to encourage people not to trivialize this topic, to continue to be active and vigilant. The human brain is designed in such a way that we “zap” after a certain amount of time. This leads us to believe that the problem is solved when it is not. Therefore, after these two years that I spent preparing the first chapter, I want to continue elsewhere and work on other aspects of these fires.”he notes.

The artist also started working on Iran. Requests news. “With everything going on right now, I really had an immediate and internal need to work on it. It is a long-term work that follows and follows the time from September 16, 2022, when everything began with the death of Massa Ami and until the end of this movement “, he testifies. Thus, Morvarid K continues to leave a mark on the world with his attitude and sensitivity.

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