Milo Manara: self-portrait of the artist

Some angry people don’t get hurt, Milo Manara 9 remains the main reference of art. He was the most innovative in exploding the adventure story Giuseppe Bergmanrevolutionized erotic comics with Clickcooperation with a friend Hugo Pratt It is written in the dome of the 9th art. There is no “Prestige” sale worthy of the name that does not include any work and does not earn enviable points. Finally, his work is internationally recognized to such an extent that a Elon Musk, horresco referenceshe uses his paintings to welcome his return Trump on Twitter.

Still waiting for his next album, his publisher Glenath hasn’t stopped paying homage to him over the past few years: the perfect complete version of what could be considered his masterpiece in comics: Caravaggio and the stunning graphic monograph, both of which appeared in 2019, were equally spectacular fiction bookshas the right Female passionsappeared the next year.

Rebelotte: a few weeks ago, a new beautiful book on repeat at Glénat. Is it really useful? Still have something to discuss and share? When reading this “self-portrait”. Milo Manara – Life Size, we can give a resounding “Yes” to both questions! Because it is a biography that will appeal to the widest audience. No psychological introspection spread over dozens of pages, Manara is delivered in small successive touches, like a painter on a painting, through 80 well-written chapters. Only one or two pages long, with a great statement that makes you want to dive into each one. That’s why we read the memoirs of this great artist quickly without losing interest.

This ease of reading is enhanced by the drawings, sketches, photographs, watercolors and paintings that illustrate each chapter. It must be admitted that some are better known, almost recognized as symbols of his work, while others are rarer, unknown, satisfying both amateurs and non-professionals, forming a wonderful panorama of his work for almost fifty years. does.

To add, this 220-page medium format paperless book remains very light in contrast to the amazing book. Do real sublimation weight was 3.5 kg, which makes him very fond of reading. Either one at a time or by choosing chapters according to favorites for a period, a sounding illustration or a well-constructed statement.

But what about the content itself? If you have never read Manara’s biography detailing the milestones of his career, then this biography will win you over. the maestro forget any of these defining points: the fumetti His works on eroticism, which turned him onFrench history in comics strengthened his technique, meeting and friendship with Hugo Pratt, not forgetting the author’s famous blow under the table. corto During a dinner with Casterman, he turns it on and it starts his career. Finally, Click, Fellini, Jodorowsky, Valentino Rossi, Neil GaimanCollaborations for Marvel, collaborations with major advertising brands and more.

The special flavor comes from Manara’s simple and natural way of explaining things. He doesn’t mince words, he just enjoys drawing and experiencing each new challenge as an opportunity to learn and progress. It should be noted that sometimes the maestro criticizes himself a lot, is not satisfied with one achievement, which prompts him to surpass himself in the next success. His progressive mastery of tools such as direct color stems from an appetite for graphic experimentation, a need to take risks that remain the preserve of great artists.

Through these short chapters, the author touches on a number of minor topics, such as the collaborations he refused, which equally shed light on his personality.

Although we regret that the last chapter spoils a previously drawn conclusion, here is a work of unparalleled sensitivity and promises the most perfect, beautiful graphic and anecdotal discoveries about the ninth master of the art.

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