Jumbo Visma team goes to SRAM for 2023 and changes wheel, shoe and goggle partners

As of January 1, 2023, the riders of the Jumbo Visma team have replaced Shimano groupsets with SRAM on their Cervélo.

But that’s not all, as the team will also opt for Reserve wheels, Nimbl shoes and Oakley goggles.

By January 1, 2023, approximately 180 bicycles must be replaced. There are training bikes, racing bikes and time trial bikes for a total of sixty riders. This huge work began at the end of October 2 Weeks after SRAM was made official as a new partner. A delegation of company professionals visited the Coise Team Jumbo-Visma Service course in Den Bosch to pass on all the important experience to the team’s mechanics.

The technical staff and a pool of over twenty mechanics are currently doing everything possible to meet the deadline. Again, the slogan “we win together” takes on a new dimension. Performance Equipment Manager Jenco Drost is responsible for project planning with the service course staff. “Dismantling a bike takes less than an hour,” said Drost. “But the build is taking too long. We’ve been working tirelessly on it since the end of October so that every rider can have at least one suitable bike for the training sessions in December.”

Why would an ambitious team choose to part ways with a trusted supplier after a year of great success? Mathieu Heijboer, performance manager:

The Jumbo-Visma team is constantly looking for ways to improve, and we are sure that this decision will take us forward. Working with SRAM, we can create team-specific materials to take our performance to the next level.

SRAM is focused on being the world’s most innovative and successful component manufacturer, and they expect continuous feedback from our team. Therefore, our knowledge and experience are valuable for them. In return, we are happy to work with SRAM because it allows us to excel. The best products are produced by synergy.

Richard Plugge, managing director of the Jumbo-Visma team, adds:

All factors must be optimal to perform at the highest level. In terms of hardware, we are ready for the next phase of our development. With SRAM, we can do just that.

Riders outside the team tested SRAM components earlier this year, and several mechanics were heavily involved in the decision-making process. After fruitful discussions and positive advice from Heijboer and Drost, the team made a decision.

Mathieu Heijboer, performance manager:

Apart from Wout van Aert and Marianne Vos, most of the athletes in the Jumbo-Visma team have no experience with SRAM yet. This also applies to mechanics. Therefore, we will be very careful about these changes. The technicians will contact Jenco and I will focus on the pilots. It is very important that they ride the bike with as few changes of posture as possible. Since the brake levers have been replaced, we add a new contact point to the handlebars. Also, the link will change soon. You may think these are minor details, but runners will notice them. We will give them appropriate advice to avoid injury.

All riders will ride with Caution for the new season. This was already the case with the women’s team and the development team in the previous season. Wheels fitted with Vittoria Corsa tubeless tires with sections ranging from 25 to 28 mm.


Several wind tunnel sessions showed the stock tires to be exceptionally aerodynamic. They are designed specifically for our Cervélo bikes and in close collaboration with Cervélo engineers. This ensures that the “system” at the heart of our hardware philosophy is perfectly correct.

From January 1, the Jumbo Visma team chose Nimbl as their footwear partner. The shoes of this brand offer exceptional performance in terms of stiffness (lightness (pedaling efficiency) and power transmission combined with aerodynamics). The shoes were created in Italy and are among the lightest available.

Speedplay will be supplying the pedals from the new year, while Oakley will supply the goggles.

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