how a carjacking unmasked the culprit

In September 1995 In the town of Vaux-le-Pénil, a family suddenly disappears in Seine-et-Marne. For several days, Stephanie Sane, Donald Davila and their two children have not reported anything. Stephanie’s mother, Gilberte Crovisier, is looking for answers from the concerned Melun police station.

“I ask them if there was a road accident, and they say, ‘no, no, they are not on the list of injured, they are nowhere to be seen.’ Gilberte Crovisier, Stephanie’s mother in Crime sounds. Faced with this inexplicable silence, the officer sends two patrols to the abandoned lot where the family lives. No sign of theft on the site suggests a worrying scenario. If the news is meant to be reassuring, Gilberte’s anxiety grows.

The principal of the school where her daughter works tells her that the janitor went to Davila’s house. On the spot, the latter would later meet a man who said the little family was going on vacation. An item later confirmed by a friend of the missing parents: certain Edgar Boulai, neighbor, taking care of the family home during their absence. Distraught, Gilberte alerts the gendarmes, but to no avail. The investigation has been stalled for nearly nine months, but one detail will not escape Stephanie’s mother.

I see the make of the cars, but there are no more cars

Gilberte Crovisier

In June, Gilberte Crovisier is back on the field. “I see the make of the cars, but there are no more cars. I came and saw that there was a TV between the tiles and there was someone, “he recalls. Edgar Bulay, who was supposed to keep the house, personally opens the door for him. Gilberte questions and informs him about the lack of vehiclesscrapped them because they were “rotting” he reports.

Stephanie’s mother was shocked complains to the Montreuil gendarmerie about the theft of vehicles. No one takes his statement seriously. Faced with the inaction of the authorities, Gilberte goes to Bobigny to make himself heard. As a result of his persistence, his speech was taken seriously and his appeal was successful.

I did all the work

Gilberte Crovisier

However, there is still no word from Gilberte. The investigation will move forward after another call, this time to Vaux-le-Pénil town hall. Later, he learns that the house of his daughter and son-in-law is currently under police surveillance. After months of wandering, excavations and auditions are finally underway. The authorities are now interested in the man Gilberte suspected all along: Edgar Boulai. And Gilberte’s intuition is confirmed: he is well known to the insane services, he has been convicted several times of violence, theft and drunk driving.

Gilberte Crovisier remembers history painfully September 23, 1996. That day, he learns that the bodies of the Davila family were found and buried in the land where they lived. Many chicken bones were found around the bodies, and traces of a murder surrounding a voodoo ritual were suspected. The lone suspect, Edgar Boulai, would never confess to his crimes. The release of the murderer, who was sentenced to life in prison by the Melun High Court in June 2000, is now in question.

Gilberte Crovisier never gave up on the disappearance of her daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren in order to uncover the truth. Without his determination, this case would never have seen justice. Today, this grieving mother and grandmother is very bitter about this painstaking research. “I did all the work,” he said.

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