Handball/Women’s French Cup (8th final). Eve in a dream

It took a lot of great coincidences to get to this point. Change of clubs, qualifications, draws. Eve Barlet, now from Montpellier, will cross paths with now Nice coach Clément Alcacer, who has accompanied her for the last two years at the Metz training centre.

“I climbed all the rocks”

The 20-year-old left-back: “I’m delighted to have found him. He’s someone I respect and love as a person and as a sport. I can’t wait to show him that I’ve made progress, it’s going to be a bit of a personal challenge. It’s going to take me the most, whether it’s in my game or my mental development. He is a very developing coach.”

Because Ève Barlet’s passion for handball, which started far away from there, in Herault, in Jacou, near Teyran, following his mother Anne, with the eyes of his father Bruno, was refined in the Mosel. “Like all the kids, I was getting ready to play on the field at halftime and you enjoy it. »

“Actually, I was a sports fan from a young age,” he recalls with good humor. When I went for a walk, I climbed all the rocks, I had energy. We were a group of girlfriends from school and everything happened. »

“Metz Handball gives stars in the eyes”

His first coach was Sébastien Mizoule, the current coach of Besançon. “He liked square things and I appreciated the way he always controlled the frame, which is important when you’re small. He was the one who got me addicted to this sport. »

Selections are linked with young French teams to join the Poles of Nîmes, then Toulouse. The latest move at HBF 3M, an agreement between various clubs around Montpellier, and it’s a big leap for Metz and its training centre.

“This is Clement (Alcacer) He, who contacted me during Interpol, knew me from my childhood because he had been to Aix before. I have been fortunate enough to experience all these phases, each time strengthening my choices. »

On the Moselle, rather than “34”, his uniform number continues his apprenticeship “like many of the southerners he lost in the North”.

“Metz Handball gives stars in the eyes. I chose to focus on my personal development to gain enough knowledge physically and mentally. Knowing that entry into the professional world will be more complicated there. »

But the main thing is to always have the right attitude to enjoy every moment. “There were Arenas outside the classroom (Metz Room, Editor’s Note) On the way and I stopped to observe the sessions, drinking as much as I could with these great players and staff. I was able to have only one preparation with the experts, but I really liked the way I worked there. »

“Our strength is this silence, this tranquility”

Last summer, Ève Barlet decided to take the plunge to reach another level. “I made a bet to leave and start something else. “He will be in Alsace, D2 with ATH. “The city is really nice, it’s good with girls and sports, we’re off to a great start to the season. Things are always easier when you win. »

The promotion to D1 is no longer a dream, his team can seriously claim it, because there will be two additions at the end of the season.

“I’m always hungry on the pitch and that makes me want to win all our matches. When we signed, we didn’t bet on such results from the start, but there is a good balance of experienced players like Irene in this group. (Fanton) or “Dillow” (Abdesselam) and young people like me. »

The game has these qualities, above all it has an attractive mood. “We have a common character trait, I can’t name a player who doesn’t worry too much about losing. Even in small games in practice. What fascinates me about matches is that even if we fall behind, we work hard to come back. Our strength is this calm, this calm, this calm. And to me, it helps me control my emotions. »

Ève Barlet, who is very close to his family, has now chosen to climb other rocks, away from the “sun” that illuminated his childhood days. “Being a professional player in D1 has been my dream since childhood. As I tasted it when I was young, the Grail would be the French team. »

Now that wish is in motion…

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