Handball/2022 overview: a year of performances and trophies

It is time to look at different institutions such as the Guinea Handball Federation, where the communication department is working on a document to relive the highlights of 2022.

From the organization of the Youth and Youth African Cups in Conakry in February 2022, through the presentation of the Assiette d’Or to President Mamadi Dumbuya and the historic qualification of the Guinean women’s national teams to the Youth World Cup (Slovenia) and the Youth World Cup (North Macedonia), Guinea Handball The Federation has been very active on and off the field in the past 2022.

While receiving the Assiette d’Or (the highest honor in handball) from Dr. Mansourou Aremou (African Handball Confederation No. 1), the President of the Transitional Organization congratulated the Guinean handball players for their performance and gave a hat to President Mamaduba Paye. Camara and his entire federal team.

Out of the eight (8) competitions in which Guinea participated in 2022, our team of junior handball players and senior ladies brought us 4 trophies:
Winner of the 2022 Junior African Vice Champions, 2022 Junior Zone II Champions, 2022 Junior Zone II Champions and 2022 Ladies President’s Cup. however, the junior and junior men’s teams have qualified for the Continental Challenge in Congo a few days later. . The summary of the balance sheet for 2022 is as follows:

1 – ???????????:

? Vice-champion of African Cadets 2022

? 2022 II Youth Zone champion

? 2022 Junior Zone II champion

? Winner of the 2022 Women’s President’s Cup


? League 1 (Girls)

Duration and Location: 12 May – 08 September 2022 Conakry

? League 1 (Men)

Duration: December 24-30, 2022

? League 2 (Girls) in Conakry

Duration: 05-20 September 2022

? League 2 (Men)

Duration: 05-20 September 2022 in Conakry

? – ???????????? ???????:

? IHF Trophy Zone 2 – Cadets and Youth (Men)

? Duration: 25-29 October 2022 in Guinea


? Participation in CAN Cadettes and Juniors – Girls

Period: 19 February – 04 March 2022, Guinea

? CAN Seniors – Men’s participation

Duration: 11-18 July 2022 in Egypt

? Participation of USG in the African Championship of Champions Clubs

Duration: 30 September – 09 October 2022 in Tunisia

? Participation in CAN Senior Ladies

Duration: 09-19 November 2022 in Senegal


? Participation in the Cadets World Cup (Girls)

Period: 30 July – 08 August 2022 in North Macedonia

? Participation in the Youth World Cup (Girls)

Period: June 22 – July 1, 2022 in Slovenia


?Campet and Junior Teams Camp (Girls)

Period: January 15 – February 18, 2022, Guinea

? Syli Handball course – Men

Duration: 10-14 April 2022, in Morocco

? Syli Handball course for women

Duration: 18-22 April 2022 in Tunisia

? Team training for Seniors and Juniors

Duration: 07-20 June 2022, Guinea

? Syli Handball course for women

Duration: 30 October to 06 November 2022 in Guinea


? Participation of 3 coaches in the IHF License training course

Duration: July 15-21, 2022, in Egypt

? Participation of 2 Guinean judges in CAHB level transition

Duration: 10-17 September 2022, Ivory Coast

? Organization of training for 35 Guinea trainers

Duration: 24-30 December 2022, Guinea


? January 2, 2022: President Paye Camara appoints Colonel Ibrahima Zena Sylla (Member of the Arbitration Commission) as a member of the Security Commission of the Confederation of African Handball

? 03 February 2022: President Paye Camara went to Nouakchott to resolve the crisis of the Mauritanian Handball Federation.

? June 11, 2022: Mr. Paye Camara was elected 2nd Vice-President of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Guinea

? November 09-19, 2022: Member of the Jury of Appeal for the 25th Grand Ladies Africa Cup of Nations in Senegal.

? November 21-26, 2022: Supervisor of the IHF Trophy tournament in Zone 3 in Côte d’Ivoire.

? December 03, 2022: CIS’COM honored President Paye Camara for his remarkable contribution to the influence of Guinean handball, as well as his efforts to promote sports in the Republic of Guinea by building a sports gymnasium used by several sports.


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