Get one step closer to the autonomous car with the radar of the future

Obstacles on the road to the autonomous car, which were once swept away with an optimistic hand wave at the speeches of manufacturers and equipment manufacturers, today resemble impenetrable walls. Recently, Luc Julia, an artificial intelligence specialist at Renault, was completely pessimistic. “A fully autonomous car will never exist. I can demonstrate this mathematically.” We are far from the promises of Ford, which announced in 2016 that the car without pedals and steering wheel will be marketed in 2021… We are still waiting!

It must be said that there is always an obstacle in the way. First, there is a European regulation that limits the speed to 60 km/h in autonomous driving mode. And technical obstacles, whether related to software (it is impossible to foresee all situations that may arise during a trip) or sensors. After that, announcement effects gave way to wisdom. Progress is incremental, step-by-step, across five defined levels of automation. The next step, which is just about to surface, will be to allow cars to be driven without drivers in perfectly marked environments (usually highways that are properly mapped and road signs are impeccable). This corresponds to level 3.

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