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Founded in 2016, Tiktok has grown from a censored app designed for the Chinese market to become the largest online video sharing platform. To date, the program has 1.9 billion users and occupies the first place on the podium. Indeed, its phenomenal growth makes it a major player in digital marketing. Aside from dances and other challenges, TikTok is seeing other, more educational content emerge on topics that affect all generations. Like the LinkedIn platform, TikTok is seeing the emergence of expert content, making the platform a new space dedicated to personal branding.

But how to use it well is still a question! What are the codes and best practices for personal branding on TikTok? We mention in this article.

Personal branding, TikTok’s new ally

Personal branding, which has already existed for many years, was very present on platforms like LinkedIn or even Instagram, for example through politicians or CEOs. Journalists can also master the concept by writing on the subject they are experts in.

Undoubtedly, the concept has gained relevance in recent years and precisely refers to personal branding. It involves promoting one’s image and skills through marketing and advertising techniques. A 2.0 term that aims to define itself “well-known brand”or more simply, for “sell”. The main goal is to cultivate a visual identity through social networks, for example, TikTok.

As director and digital expert at 100% online business school iSCOD, David Izoard is no stranger to this phenomenon. He declares: “TikTok has become an important social network not only for our students, but also for many companies. That’s why we advise our business students to focus on their networking and not neglect monitoring them for potential work-study opportunities through the latter. Many companies are now running HR campaigns dedicated to TikTok and using it as part of their recruitment process! This is a major asset in terms of personal branding. »

For nearly 3 years, this platform has become the unifying app for personal branding and a real springboard for many content creators. Although its codes are very different from Instagram and LinkedIn, it uses a very sophisticated algorithm to adapt to new trends. This allows everyone to embody their image and tailor the content they feel most comfortable with through videos. Creators can let their imagination run wild between 15 and 60 seconds per post. Content creators on TikTok prefer something more original and accessible. We were able to see videos of healthcare professionals, sports professionals, but also travel enthusiasts, scenery… In short, TikTok has become a popular platform to express one’s thoughts about one’s profession or passion.

A true oasis of creative minds

Research shows that 68% of users only use the app to watch videos, while 55% create and edit their own content. through the process “organic coverage”, an advanced algorithm does it right. Indeed, it helps users develop their personal branding by playing with audience habits. For example, if a user watches and likes cooking videos, then they will receive suggestions from other cooking video creators in their News Feed. It is because of this that the platform differs from other social media in addition to its youth. In fact, Statista shows that 62% of TikTok users are between the ages of 10 and 29. Therefore, the content should be adapted to this age group.

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Creativity is not an option on TikTok. Making a good video is about not forgetting any detail and it starts with knowing your personal image.

To begin with, you need to choose your angle, your point, what you are trying to convey. Once the topic is considered, you need to know how to approach it: in a more serious tone? Sad? Or maybe in a humorous tone? Due to its exclusive reach, TikTok offers original and remixed soundtracks that can accompany videos.

In addition to choosing the right sound, do not skimp on the image stage. Indeed, the catchphrase should describe the video in a simple and effective way and highlight the topic! Don’t hesitate to accept the same thing all the time “model” (capital letters, emojis…) for your descriptions, this will make you instantly recognizable. It’s all part of your personal branding and the image you want to convey! Finally, don’t hesitate to add some hashtags to show up in users’ news feed. A little tip: use #foryou for more visibility!

Marketing strategy on TikTok

Before embarking on your TikTok adventure, it is important to understand how social media marketing works. Indeed, taking advantage of the social network requires a real understanding of codes and a certain rigor in publications. Running without first analyzing the ground can turn into an error and then not give any results.

Therefore, it is advisable to create a publishing plan for its content and strategy in order to proceed step by step and develop your personal branding in the best possible way.

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To get started, determine who you want to reach and make sure you’re targeting the right audience. In addition, it is clearly necessary to monitor your performance and master your story. For this, there is a digital tool called Metricool that allows you to check statistics such as views, likes, shares… It will also allow you to schedule your content and offer meetings to your audience. In addition to all this aspect “technical”, it is important to be aware of the time required for this. TikTok is a time-consuming program and it requires real effort and hence regularity in posting videos. But it is necessary to understand that this platform is a little “bipolar”, the algorithm can change and allow some videos to be liked more than others. And this despite the regularity of content creators.

An example is the account of coach Aurélie Perez Villerelle (@aurelieperezvillerelle), who helps beauty entrepreneurs with methods and analysis to develop their business in terms of marketing and communication. On another registry, such as the medical registry, with the account of Carla Valette (@CarlaValette), a medical intern who explains and makes medical events more accessible. It also provides health and medical advice. Of course, this is not a substitute for consultation, but it does educate users and increase their awareness!

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