20 women who will play French basketball in 2023

Basketball, the first women’s team sport in France, has excellent ambassadors at all levels: on the court, on the benches or in the offices. 20 of them should be the talk of the town in 2023 before the Olympics. They are:

Sea Johannes

It has been five years since Norman won the French title with Bourges in 2018. Left to join ASVEL in 2019, he is still winless with the bottom-placed Rhone club after their maddening final against Lattes-Montpellier. In May 2019. Underperformed under Pierre Vincent’s orders, the back gained confidence during a successful WNBA campaign with New York. He stopped before the World Cup, he hopes to win many trophies this season: the French champion, the European Cup, the French Cup, as well as the European champion title with the French team in June. This will be a first when he will celebrate his 28th birthday on January 21.

Valerian Vukosavlevich

Valeriane Vukosavljevic made a great start to the season with Prague (Photo: FIBA)

After her maternity break, Valériane Vukosavljevic did better than regain her level. The goal-scoring midfielder is averaging 20.8 points after the first games of the first round in the Euroleague. He owes this stratospheric level to his state of mind, talent and work. He hopes to continue this pace and, above all else, the Europa League title, while Yekaterinburg’s absence gives all the usual outsiders like Sopron (champion 2022), Fenerbahce and even his club Prague a great opportunity. And let’s not forget his return to Blue during his absence during the 2022 World Cup.

Janelle Salon

Janelle Salaun, a tall winger with very high potential, is another gem of the 2001 generation. She is currently averaging 13.1 points and 6 rebounds in the LFB as part of a good Villeneuve d’Ascq team. In November, he marked his first selection for the France A team. A first that beckons many others… His profile is logically very popular among the big armadas of the French Championship, and they will soon be looking to sign him for years to come. .come.

Myriam Djekoundade

2022 World and European 3×3 champion Myriam Djekoundade had an exceptional summer. He is also a Villeneuve d’Ascq player, the formidable defender will put their titles on the line this summer. The new weapon of mass destruction of the French team will now have the MVP status of the Euros worldwide.

Ainhoa ​​Risacher

Ainhoa ​​Risacher, the U16 European champion a year ahead of schedule last August, will be even more eagerly awaited at the U16 EuroBasket, having qualified for the 2024 U17 World Cup. trophies in the coming months. Like Juste Jocyte and Dominique Malonga did at the same age, before approaching the professional world?

Valerie Garnier

After winning everything with Bourges, leading the French team to the Olympic podium and coaching a major foreign club (Fenerbahce), Valérie Garnier started a new challenge: coaching a professional men’s team. After a chaotic start to the season, it was Tours, the richest club in the National 1 men’s club with Le Havre, who called on his services. Maugeoise will have to succeed in the difficult mission of bringing TMB back into Pro B after being relegated last May (despite 14 wins). A big problem.

Iliana Rupert

Iliana Rupert
Iliana Rupert scored 15 points after five Euroleague games held at “Virtus Bologna” (photo: FIBA).

After 2022 marked by the LFB MVP title, the French champion and the EuroCup with Bourges or the WNBA title with Las Vegas, Iliana Rupert started a new adventure with the rising club Virtus Bologna. Sartouz is looking to establish herself as one of the best interiors in the EuroLeague before becoming a part of France’s team at the Euros and eventually establishing herself a little more in the WNBA. But be careful: you will have to find a moment to breathe or you will crack.

Yannick Suvr

After the pandemic period, LFB clubs started to operate again. Post-Covid, inflation, communities’ planned financial difficulties could put a brake on spending for clubs that need to save on wages to stay healthy. But will they be ready to tighten their belts with the increasing competition and tightening of the level? In any case, the LFB will have to propose development projects to revive a functioning but humming championship. Its director, Yannick Souvre, will launch new ideas.

Gabby Williams

After a well-deserved break and above all a PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injection, Gabby Williams joined ASVEL Women at the end of 2022. The promotion of the winger, who is expected as the best player of the LFB, is expected for this month of January. matches will follow each other both in the league and in the European Cup. With him and Sandrine Gruda, Tony Parker intends to return the title of French champion.

Celine Dumerc

At 40, Céline Dumerc is in her last LFB season. Early in the season, Tarbaise was slowed by injury and his Basket Landes team struggled in both the Euroleague and the championship. For what is potentially his last lap, he will want to finish to the best of his abilities. And with a new title, after the Coupe de France 2022, before moving on to EuroBasket 2023 with the general manager cap?

Leyla Lacan

Leyla Lacan
Leyla Lacan has already taken enough measures in Angers (photo: FIBA).

A member of EuroBasket U18’s ideal five, Aveyronnaise, who finished third, will be expected to be France’s No. 1 asset at the U19 World Cup, possibly Dominic Malonga (to be updated later). For her first professional season, Leyla Lacan is Angers’ second top scorer in the LFB. He was called as a training partner with the French national team last November.

Elise Prod’homme

Former senior player, Elise Prod’homme (33) became the coach. La Mancelle is doing a great job at the Dijon training center as well as with France’s youth teams. To the point of finally integrating the professional staff of the JDA and then settling into the male professional world?

Yvonne Anderson

If Valerian Vukosavljevic is the second best scorer in the Euroleague, Yvonne Anderson is third with 18.7 points per game. To retain the title of French champion, Bourges bet on this multi-talented leader with the ball in hand. After making the French team miserable, this time they have fun against the LFB formations. But who can stop him?

John Ewodo

Tarbes chose to start the season with a 100% French team. We certainly know Isabelle Jakubou, Ana Tadic or Marie Pardo. But there are also Marie-Paule Foppossi (13.9 points per 35 minutes) and Yohana Evodo. The young winger (age 21) has speed and efficiency for his height (1.82m) (13.6 points on 50.7% shooting, including 39.1%, 3.7 rebounds and 1.6 assists in 33 minutes ). The former Lunel player could also attract top clubs in the French championship during the transfer window, which has already started behind the scenes.

Audrey Sauret

In men’s basketball, women sit on the bench as well as in the office. Élan Béarnais called on Audrey Sauret to lead the recovery operation. The former leader of the French team was appointed the general manager. This should allow the institution to fix its financial situation while remaining in Betclic ELITE. A delicate operation that he intends to succeed, he already has a wealth of experience in Nantes or Charleville-Mézières.

Sandrine Gruda

Sandrine Gruda has been playing at the highest level for almost 18 years. Back in France after 15 years abroad – apart from a brief return to Lyon in 2017, the France captain hopes to lead ASVEL Women back to the top of the LFB and then back to the Euroleague. Enough to start before aiming for a gold medal with Les Bleues in June, a metal that has not been brought back to France since 2009. Already 14 years ago! That’s too much for a selection aiming to dominate Europe.

With Julie Allemand, Marine Johanès, Gabby Williams, Sandrine Gruda, as well as youngsters Juste Jocyte and Dominique Malonga, ASVEL Women wants to return the title of French champion (photo: FIBA).

Laurian Dolt

Like Valérie Garnier, Lauriane Dolt coaches in National 1 men. whom Elise Prod’homme, he started in the Men’s Espoirs Championship. The Alsatian is currently an experienced technician with a very good career with Mulhouse in 2021-2022. After this first test, he hopes to go further next June. Who knows why there won’t be an uptick in LNB for Mulhouse basketball in years to come?

Laetitia Guapo

How can we talk about the women of 2023 without talking about Laëtitia Guapo? Auvergne, the owner of the Alain Gilles Trophy, won everything with the French 3×3 team or Bourges in 2022. Its mission will be to do so in 2023, which promises to be complicated as the bar is very high. But at 27, the former PE teacher still has plenty of room for improvement.

Ashunae Durant

If Monaco becomes the fortress of the French women’s championship in the future, or even of Europe? That’s the alleged ambition of AS Monaco’s current bosses. But another club is making a name for itself in the Principality: Monaco Basketball Association. Upgrading to LF2, MBA coaches have changed, but are currently showing very good results. The Monegasque club is fourth in LF2 with 6 wins from 9 matches. In addition, Régis Racine’s team eliminated Charleville-Mézières after Toulouse, two LFB residents, in the French Cup. Each time, Ashunae Durant shined. The winger, who already played MBA in NF1 last season, is simply the best player in LF2 in the rating (23.6). Will he be able to keep up this pace? To be continued.

Dominic Malonga

La Parisienne is the upcoming sensation of French basketball. A tall, extremely mobile and athletic player, she has earned ASVEL Women’s underage rotation (8.6 rating per 14 minutes after seven LFB matches). In 2023, he will need to continue to build momentum by improving his game and his physique. Its potential is endless.


January 4, 2023 at 8:45 am

Basketball, the first women’s team sport in France, has excellent ambassadors at all levels: on the court, on the benches or in the offices. 20 of them should be the talk of the town in 2023 before the Olympics. They are:

Sea Johannes

It’s been five years since Normandy…

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