3 resolutions for used car buyers to make in 2023

Have you set yourself one or more resolutions for 2023? This is very good. If you’re lacking inspiration, we’d like to suggest three that every used car buyer should consider taking.

Can you catch them?

1. Do your homework before you buy

How to avoid a bad choice? There are several ways, of course. First, test drives by automotive journalists like this one Car guide, specialized websites on social media and discussion forums, and owner reviews can tell you a lot about a particular car’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as what major problems you might expect. Also, don’t hesitate to ask a friend or relative who is familiar with cars to accompany you on your trips. Two heads are better than one!

Companies, research firms and trade publications such as JD Power, Consumer Reports and iSeeCars.com help identify the most reliable makes and models on the market year after year. If this bothers you too much, then you may want to steer clear of cars that regularly appear at the bottom of the leaderboards and focus on cars that have won multiple awards. Ask the mechanics too: they’ve seen problematic cases!

The history, origin and maintenance of the car are very important. A Carfax report can provide valuable information on this. If repairs were made as a result of an accident, you need to know about it. Also, review recalls and service bulletins issued by the manufacturer. Are there any for the model you are interested in? If so, have all the corrections been made? It’s up to you to get to the bottom of it.

2. Make sure the vehicle is properly inspected

Attention, especially to first-time buyers and those who fall in love with what seems to them to be a “rare pearl”: most mistakes happen when you want to rush into the purchase. You wouldn’t buy a used home without inspecting it first, right?

A full mechanical inspection is required before buying a used car. It goes through an experienced mechanic, who first conducts a test drive, then inspects the engine, transmission, exhaust, suspension, brakes, steering, electrical and electronic systems, and more. He will not hesitate to refer to the on-board computer or measure the thickness of the paint to find out if it is original or if, for example, the car was repainted after an accident.

If the seller (or dealer) didn’t do the inspection themselves before putting the car on the market, ask for an independent inspection. It costs a hundred dollars, sometimes more, and can be done at one of the CAA-Quebec authorized vehicle inspection centers, a recommended garage, a mechanic you trust, or even another dealer.

Has the seller inspected the vehicle? Let them prove it by providing you with a detailed, final report written by an independent expert. Otherwise, it is better to consider one or the other of the avenues listed in the previous paragraph. This is your full right.

3. Do not neglect maintenance after purchase

It is the responsibility of every car owner to follow the maintenance intervals recommended by the manufacturer. Everyone understands the importance of changing the oil, but for example, brake maintenance does not. However, this is the most important safety feature. An annual inspection is in order – a little attention keeps them healthy and performing well in the long run. No need to visit the garage again. Combine this service with regular maintenance of your car.

Then heed the warnings. Modern cars are practically computers on wheels. Filled with electronic components, they sometimes send messages, alerts, or warnings that we need to pay attention to. This can be related to safety and driver assistance systems, engine operation, multimedia system or something else. If something suddenly goes off, you need to know about it and act accordingly. And if the famous “Check Engine” lights up, ignore it!

In closing, remote work or not, we still spend a lot of time on the road. You and your passengers deserve to ride in a clean and tidy vehicle. Clean the passenger compartment regularly, that is, pick up anything lying around or unnecessary, remove stains, remove dust, stones, debris and other dirt, then make sure to eliminate unpleasant odors (animals, smoke, food, etc.).

Happy New Year 2023!

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