XXL bedroom, crockery… Exhibitions not to be missed in Lille in 2023

At the Palais des Beaux-arts in Lille (Nord), you are invited to touch the works. A shocking discovery! (©Lille News)

Lille, the city of culture. It’s not a secret. There is a lot of evidence for this significant events it happens there every year. Horse 2023 programsome of them exhibitions highly anticipated!

Two great exhibitions by Lille3000

The Lille3000 locations, Tripostal and Saint-Sauveur stations will be invested with new exhibitions in 2023. They will highlight contemporary art.

You will be able to see Jean-Francois Fourtou’s new work “Range ta chambre” at Saint-So from April 12th to October 8th. In the XXL version of the artist’s children’s room, among memories and imagination, visitors will be able to walk there like Lilliputians and even ride a small train…

At the Tripostal exhibition, part of the Belgian private collection of the Vanhaerents art collection will be presented for several months: October 6 – January 14, 2023. A large collection christened “Au bout de mes rêves” with monumental works by renowned international artists and other emerging artists.

Please contact Pierre Dubreuil at PBA

Pending announcements at the end of the year, the Palace of Lille is presenting two exceptional exhibitions now and until February 27, 2023.

With “Please Touch, Art and Matter” you are invited to touch the works to explore the artists’ creations in a new way. Blindfolded, you enter a rotunda specially furnished for the occasion. Accompanied by a guide, you discover sculptures and materials in a new way.

During the same period, in the basement of the PBA, the museum team invites you to (re)discover the photographs of Pierre Dubreuil, a photographer from Lille. Between Lille, Paris and Brussels, his collections bear witness to an underrepresented era and school of photography. An art journey that image lovers will appreciate.

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In this exhibition, a map showing the places where he lived in Lille (Nord) is especially presented.
A map of his residences in Lille (North) is featured prominently in an exhibition at the Palais des Beaux-Arts dedicated to photographer Pierre Dubreuil. (© AV / Lille News)

“Serving Madame” at Maison Charles de Gaulle

“Madame serves… and so does the general! » From December 7, 2022 to September 18, 2023, this tableware exhibition will be held at 7 p.m.e century appears in the birthplace of Charles de Gaulle.

These words apply to the servant at the beginning of the dinner, in the evenings of the feast. In the time of Julia and Emile Maillot, the general’s grandparents, the house at 9 rue Princesse received guests according to the bourgeois laws of the time… Nothing was left to chance.

Other events in Metropolis museums

Lille also shines thanks to its large metropolis and diverse cultural offer. In 2023, other structures of the metropolis will host important exhibitions:

  • At Roubaix: it is difficult to be comprehensive, because the program of the La Piscine museum is very rich! A few more days (until January 8) to see the remarkable exhibitions dedicated to Hugo Lerouelle, William Morris and “Roubaix in English time”. In the future, the exhibition of sculptor Aristide Maillol (February 25 – May 28, 2023), an installation around the works of ceramicist Odette Lepeltier, “Form and color” (February 18 – May 21) or even the artist Robert Droulers, “L’échappée belle “, from February 18 to May 21. Another outstanding exhibition, “Art in Struggle” (June 23 – September 4) around the devoted sculptor René Ichen…
  • In Tourcoing: Le Fresnoy “Saodat Ismayilova. Double Horizon”, from February 10 to April 30, 2023. Saodat Ismayilova is preparing a unique film that covers history and myth in one gesture;
  • In Villeneuve-d’Ascq: As always, the Science Forum hosts exhibits for all ages: “Truly Alive! » (ages 2 to 7), until November 19, 2023, « Special effects, explode the screen! (Ages 9 and up) Through August 27, 2023, the Enigma exploration game and Earth’s Climate History permanent installation in addition to the planetarium.

Note that there is little time left to see the exhibition “In Search of the Gold of Time” at the LaM in Villeneuve-d’Ascq (until January 29, 2023) in the metropolis of Lille, as well as Lâme, d’Etienne. Chambaud (until next January 22). The annual Panorama exhibition at Le Fresnoy is on view until December 31 this year. At the MUba in Tourcoing, the “Kaleidoscope” exhibition, built around colors, brings together the museum’s collections since the 17th centurye from the century to the present, the future is visible until February 12.

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