Who was Jean-Michel Basquiat, the world’s most sought-after black genius and artist?

  • Ronald Avila-Claudio – @ronaldavilapr
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Jean Michel-Basquiat in 1985

It was 1978, and pop star Andy Warhol was with art critic Henry Geldzahler at a restaurant in Soho, New York.

A young black man notices them from the sidelines and decides to approach them with several postcards of his own design in hand. The King of Pop buys her one, her partner rejects the teenager and calls her a kid.

This daring 17-year-old named Jean-Michel-Basquiat was to become an important artist in the city of skyscrapers just three years after this meeting. And in less than a decade, he would be as internationally recognized as the admired Warhol.

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