“The most important thing is to believe in it”: Laetitia Guapo talks about her incredible 2022

Several Ligue 2 players and even one from the LFB modeled your career. Have you found yourself inspiring?

No, I’ve never seen it, but it makes me happy. How beautiful. I think that me going through LF2 shows them that it is possible then to get into the Women’s League and get involved with a bigger club. Little girls and boys often ask me for advice on how to improve their basketball skills, but it’s nice to know that my journey hasn’t gone unnoticed and touched other players.

As you say, it shows that it is possible to go from Ligue 2 to the highest international level…

When I was in Nice (At the end of the Pôle France in Insep, where he began his professional career, Ed.), I played in LFB and League 2. Then I decided to go to League 2 to study and become a little more important in the team. “You’ll never go back to the Women’s League” etc. when I made that choice. In the end, I did. It’s nice to prove otherwise by trying.

What did you leave to get back at him?

The most important thing was to believe it anyway. Later during my dual project (he became a PE teacher and is currently on sabbatical from National Education during his career, editor’s note), everything was difficult to control. Now that I’m done, focusing solely on basketball has helped. Otherwise, it worked, it worked…

What was this case about?

I wanted to put all the odds on my side. It starts with mental preparation, but also with my food, sleep and lifestyle in general. From now on, my credo is to have no regrets. I go when I can exercise?; when I’m tired, I listen to myself and go there less often, etc.

The “dream” year continues for Tango Laëtitia Guapo

Is 2022 the reward for all these years of work?

That is what it is all about.

What will you keep this year?

What wonderful memories. Obviously, it’s full of headlines, but these outweigh all the emotions shared as a team. That’s why I play basketball, that’s why I love team sports. So, I will share all these emotions with my teammates, coaches and the various staffs that surround me in every race.

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“This is the reward for continuing to work”

Have there been stronger emotions than others in the symbolism of your career?

What surprised me the most was the World Cup. Games (Olympics 2021, where he finished at the foot of the podium, editor’s note), was a disappointment. It was a bit complicated, so to reach the first stage of an international tournament and at this level was really a source of great pride. After the games, I continued to work, redoubled my efforts, and this was the reward.

Did you feel that your image changed after this title added to the title of the best player?

Not really, but I hope people remember that I am a “Laëti” who always fights and never gives up, a fighter with the values ​​of giving up.

You’ve stood out before away games a few times this season… Wasn’t that something you were definitely used to in a team like Bourges Basket?

No, it’s clear. It’s very moving to see people happy for me and for women’s basketball. When I won the Alain-Gilles trophy (Awards the best French basketball player, both men and women, Ed), 3×3, 5×5, I also represent women’s basketball. It’s really cool.

You’ve already expressed yourself a lot about this, and every time I remember that the 3×3 and 5×5 pairs of caps are an asset to you…

Yes, yes, indeed. It is wealth. One brings me for another. Very, very good. I continue to learn and grow through each of the two disciplines.

“I think about it every morning when I wake up”

You said earlier that you receive requests from young people for advice. How do you answer them?

I respond according to their requests, but most of the time they tell me about my journey, I say believe in your dreams, work hard to get there, don’t regret, please yourself above all.

What do you want for next year when you win the French championship, the European cup, the world championship and the European championship?

(smile) We didn’t have the French Cup last year?! And above all, a ticket to the Games. We haven’t qualified yet, so I want to qualify for Paris 2024 and then a medal. In the meantime I would love to have this Coupe de France 5×5 which I don’t have.

What is the impact of these 2024 Games on your daily life?

I think about it every morning when I wake up. I think about it every night when I go to sleep. This is really a goal. Even if I don’t win, I’ll be proudest if I know that I gave myself all the chances. I want to have no regrets and it shows every day in my diet, lifestyle, work, etc. it goes through all the little details that I can implement.

Laetitia Quapo, France’s best basketball player, grew up at the foot of Mount Gergovy in Puy-de-Dôme.

Interview by Ludovic Aurega

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