Rap Bosses of 2022 – RFI Musique

So we start with Jazzy Bazz and his pretenders in chronological order MemoryDeluxe card player with 7 feat For 17 titles including Nekfeu and Alpha Wann. Hardcore ray, Kaaris & Kalash Criminal, a great union of rhyme criminals with a joint album by Sevran couple, SVR, a very rare example of a joint album like Jay Z/Kanye or Jay Z/R. Kelly, without Ye’s questionable ideology or Kelly’s craziness.

Wald, on the edge of his virtual showdown with Booba, the clash king, was a bit disappointed. Vwhich still contains an excellent duet with Orelsan, Peonand promises better VV5It is planned to be released in 2023. Meanwhile, Orel extended his victory. Civilization ten unreleased tracks with his “latest release”, including acid OK, great…, It is obvious that feat with Angèle and some intimate tracks at an accelerated pace.

Toothless was found after a long silence love Especially thanks to the gold certification on his new album AcquaintanceA voice champion with Damso feat who kills (Angèle, Kalash, Aya Nakamura and Selah Sue know this). Side 667, aka, The League Of Shadows, is not the new Freeze Corleone, but A new era Osirus Jack, to which Freeze is openly invited (Floor Lamp Pt. 2) also very light King Heenok Trilogyfor song lyrics It’s politically incorrect that it mentions the “fifth Reich”, a secondary reference (we hope) to the 2009 film. OSS 117: Rio Not Responding. After this “more technical math than cosine”, we happily prove it again with Lefa. Minesweeper for his talent flow eleven pieces without featat least ten thousand hours ahead“(mined land).

A year full of creativity

The revelation of recent years, Josman is multiplying success and asserting itself MAN (Black Roses and Lost Feelings), proved to be very sexual Mona Lisa’s Eye and Ill El Cielo, feat Eazy Dew & Soleil Noir. We remain in the dark Black Star 2.0: ZLM by Luv Resval, who died tragically at the age of 24, is the fourth part of his star-studded saga before the mastered disc Etoile Noire: Brise Monde/Nébuleuse/2.0, which we will remember among others. Hell In a duet with Lujipeka.

On the reissue side, this is the return of Mafia K’1 Fry Until death. Yusuf opens it Neptune terminal (Origins) music video with a brilliant single shot in Soweto, Amapiano, on the airy beat typical of this South African electro house. Other announcements 2022, with So La Lune Life Crack and with Tiacola MeloKalash confirms with the album lottery that his triumph with the single Mwaka Moon (feat Damso) didn’t owe anything to chance. Demi-Portion plays with tongue Crosswordpresents a hardcore duet with LIM Cruel and the bad boy Dadju, on the other hand, very gently confirms his superlover status Cullinanfollowed by his first film role Hint By Niels Tavernier. Works with the driver ForeverMedina puts her ID card on the cover Medina France on it he takes Passy’s famous slogan “La France Au Rap Français” and Alonzo goes along for the ride. Northern quarters of his city.

In Paris, C.Sen finds the producer of the famous chemist La Cliqua for the album Hiddenwhere he confesses Zero tolerance that “coming-of-age album, no, it’s not yetSoolking suggests Visa freeSeth Gueco Eat the dead and 2001 S-Crew SZR, while Marseille Stakhanovite Jul doubled the lead. Extraterrestrial and White Heartor 64 new songs that will confirm fans in their idol’s admiration and won’t change the minds of the haters who hate him.

Soso Maness is coming In the morning and secured the faithful services of Maes (umbrella), Josman (Red Square), Dinosaurs (In the morning), MacTyer ( DLCs ) and Vladimir’s nightmare (The Pogo Anthem). Marseille hip-hop’s best-kept secret (despite being from Nice) Veust is charting his path with a new record, That good old widowwith ten names feat sure friend Akhenaten I have a job for you and Alpha Wann First class, plus two views of Niçois Infinit. Calbo d’Ärsenik finally releases his solo, the title of which is a shortcut to the first album he produced with his brother Lino. A Few More Drops.

After a long silence of over three years (an eternity in rap years) Bigflo and Oli are back Others C’est Nous, an album endorsed by several prestigious guests such as MC Solaar, Julien Doré, Francis Cabrel and Taij. Posted by Single Holy Whorehousethis fourth studio album proves the longevity of this brother duo, who will also be featured in the new Asterix movie.

Gazo, the new French rap star

Gazo drives nails with KMT, Fresh La Peufra tries to cement his newfound fame with the album, thanks to his win on Netflix’s New School rap telecroche. Shelterit obviously contains his hits Chop and invites the show’s two judges, SCH special and Niska Go outside. Shay, the third member of the jury, was supposed to be on the answering machine.

Eight years after Season 2 of Star Academy, a collective project with prisoners backed by some big names including Lala and Ce Lino, Le Rat Luciano, and Le Rat Luciano play the self-tuned tune card with a mini-album presented by SunSystem and Mouloud Mansouri. Rim-K, DA Uzi and Leto. Lomepal left the social networks, but in March 2023 he hit hard with Mauvais Ordre, a strong comeback as a prelude to the three Accor Arenas.

Another return, but in grime mode, King Ju reactivates Stupeflip for Stup Forever, in keeping with his previous exploits between scrappy rap, indie rock and even misdirected reggae. Very Good. He signs a big album with Dosseh It’s too soon to diewhose name Jamal is an original rap first-person account of a Bataclan survivor. Dinos, Lacrim and Tiakola are among the guests in this fairy tale rhyme. An unexpected and successful return of Kayna Samet, who made a surprise appearance to sing with Booba Fate At the Stade de France: Altaïr Part 1 is an EP that “the voice of the call, from the depths of Algeria” lost none of his talent and found B2O Kaina (Remix). Scores with Chilla Ego, Sofiane invites Pamart, Taij, Hatik and Louane to this decisive women’s 15 title. That’s how it turns out for Lous and Yakusa Iotais a logical continuation blood, Damso and Benjamin Epps as guests. Dinos run past him Winter in ParisSCH in rollsAutobahn and Gims make a big difference between singing and rapping Mozart’s Last TestamentA quirky mix signed by the man who remixed the credits of TF1’s 20 Hours and sang in front of a billion spectators in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup.

BB Jacques revelation

BB Jacques applies his poetic and unique universe New Blues Old Wineamazing drive ending with incredible Zandvoort Palace With Sofiane Pamart. Bob and the dingo Lorenzo Top panicked the album and shook Mylène Farmer A living legendTo confuse the Deezer/Spotify algorithm and multiply the streams, a song whose titles on a CD are cut into thirty-second slices is considered listened to after thirty seconds. Crazy cover art signed by the great Fifou, who just released his Archives, a 550-page tome with real punk attitude and the best of the last few years coffee table book sums up the failure of French rap as a twenty-year photographer/designer.

Signed with 92i (Booba’s label) since 2020, SDM announced his release as the first part of his boss at the Stade de France. Blood relation17 titles Ocho among others, with single Ragnar. Scylla represents lyrical Belgium ForeverRolling tuners with Bosh Algorithm and Kohndo flies Taller than the Eiffel Tower while Rockin’ Squat (he now spells RCKNSQT) is empty PP+ and duet Retweet with Doc Gynéco finding her highlights there First Consultation, delighted his fans. It remains to remember the prolific Lucio Bukowski, who shot a chain The Gods Don’t Play Pinball Anymore, Asadachi Tape Vol. 2 and Matériaux Boréal, born Ludovic Villard, when he came out with a collection of poems Always be prepared to lose.

We’ll wrap up this rich rap menu with a very ambitious project from producer Mani Deiz (Kool Shen, Lucio Bukowski, Swift Gad, etc.). Dr. Olson’s Symphony31 minutes of hundreds of instrumentals samplesan unparalleled musical saga proves that while mainstream French rap sometimes takes the easy way out, some creators and beatmakers always play the originality and boldness card in hip-hop.

Pardon the 700 projects for 2022 not mentioned here, and see you in 2023, which promises to be as rapologically rich and diverse as this year on the brink of extinction.

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