Nio Day 2022 – Nio unveils new EC7 and ES8 electric SUVs

There is no truce for confectioners in China, where Nio celebrates Nio Day on December 24, 2022. The startup used its annual event to unveil two new models, the EC7 electric SUV and the next-generation ES8. Other innovations are still expected in 2023.

Highlighted by the ES7, which goes on sale in early summer 2022, Nio continues to align its entire range with the latest styling and technology developments. The corresponding first model is EC6 completed by EC7. Officially, it’s not really a replacement, as the two models appear side by side in the catalog, but Nio no longer reports delivery times for the EC6. As with the ES6 / ES7 duo, one might imagine the new model is just a simple restyling, but it’s a bit more complicated, as the new dimensions suggest. So the ES7 is 118mm longer with a wheelbase extended by 60mm.

The new style also incorporates new sensors for semi-autonomous driving offered as a subscription (RMB 680/month – €920/month): Lidars and a camera module in the front of the roof, a camera integrated into the rear antenna, cameras in the rear camera. front fenders… We’re a long way from shy technology » Powered by BMW. This is where the technology should be seen… The tailgate now incorporates a three-position mobile spoiler. The CX seems to be one of the best on the market for an SUV with a price tag of just 0.23.

The update also applies to the interior. Some elements are taken from EC6, such as the lower part of the dashboard. But the disappearance of the group of aerators comes to illuminate the whole. The treatment of various elements such as controls, displays, door panels also creates an enhanced impression in line with the brand’s positioning. Also note the new electrochromic glass roof.

Length (mm) 4,850 4,968
Width (mm) 1,965 1,974
Height (mm) 1,731 1714
Wheelbase (mm) 2900 2960
Power (kW) 320 – 400 480
Battery (kWh) 75 – 100 75-100-150
Autonomy 465 – 605 km (CLTC)
375 – 485 km (approx. WLTP)
465 – 605 – 900 km (CLTC)
375 – 485 – 720 km (approx. WLTP)
Price 396 000 – 554 000 RMB / 53 500 – 74 900 € RMB 488,000 – 578,000 (€65,900 – €78,100)

Matching the entire range isn’t just about style. The mechanical offer is also simplified. It starts with the absence of an entry-level version of the engine and the engine power adapted to other models: 180 kW for the front engine, 300 kW for the rear. Thus equipped, the EC7 becomes the fastest SUV, reaching 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds.

The offer is standardized with a battery replacement system: 75 and 100 kWh, plus the popular 150 kWh semi-solid battery (in the CLTC era) that allows you to declare an autonomy of 900 km. But it is not listed yet. The above prices are the prices with the purchase of the battery. The monthly rent is RMB 418,000 (€56,500), with a monthly payment of RMB 980-1,680 (€132 to €227).

No name change for ES8

The ES8, Nio’s first model launched in 2018, also benefits from a series of technical and stylistic updates. In fact, it is the same program as EC7: sensors on the roof, new front and rear face, vehicle extension, 480 kW motors, 75, 100 or 150 kW batteries. All this is done, but without changing the name. A choice that intends to leave room for the Nio to offer a number of models in the “9” range: the ET9 and ES9, for example, to compete with the EQS or EQS SUV…

ES8 2022
SS9 2023
Length (mm) 5022 5099
Width (mm) 1962 1989
Height (mm) 1756 1750
Wheelbase (mm) 3010 3070
Power (kW) 400 480
Battery (kWh) 75 – 100 75-100-150
Autonomy 450 – 580 km (CLTC)
360 – 465 (WLTP estimate)
465 – 605 – 900 km (CLTC)
375 – 485 – 720 km (approx. WLTP)
Price RMB 502,000 – 656,000 (€67,900 – €88,700) RMB 528,000 – 638,000 (€71,400 – €86,200)

While most of the update is shared with the EC7 or ES7, the Nio also takes the opportunity to reposition itself in the face of LI Auto’s success. This requires new comfort features in the second row. The Nio already offers a high-comfort seat with an ottoman for the front passenger, which adds functionality for two second-row seats. The new seats will either have a classic but individual armrest or an ottoman and a fixed central armrest. The latter contains several storage spaces, including a cooling compartment and dual wireless phone chargers. It’s the first car with three wireless chargers…

Neo’s news cycle is not over. One of the most anticipated innovations in the first half of 2023 will be the ES5 SUV. In theory, and in parallel with EC7 and ES7, Nio should also update EC6 and ES6 next year.

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