Marco and Clara Underground Montreal | Chapter 2: the power of music

During the holiday season, journalists from the Arts and Sciences division pass the baton to tell a daily story in five chapters. Follow the adventures of twins Marco and Clara as they make an incredible discovery on Mount Royal. Good read!

Quick in his little paws, Gaston the raccoon jumped out of the way of the angry cone. “Squiiii! BAM! The orange-and-white elbow ended its run against the pole of the subway car with a screech and a crash. “It came close! said the twins’ new friend, shaking his fur.

Stunned by the collision, the cone rolled back on itself and took small leaps to crash into space. Gaston reassured Marco and Clara: “Don’t panic! They can be strong, but it takes them a long time to get back up after they fall. We must reach our destination before it gets there. »

Unfortunately, their plastic enemy fooled the raccoon. He was preparing to reload as soon as the train appeared at the Pléis-des-Arts station. But Youppi, seeing everything from his cabin, suddenly stopped the caterpillar. While he was leaning directly on his support, the prop was thrown from the other end of the car. The doors opened and Marco, Clara and Gaston jumped onto the platform.

“Du du duuuuuuu” the three companions then heard, as the train continued on its way, on the stunned side of the cone.

“He hasn’t been the same since the Expos left, but he’s always been a damn good jack, our Youppi,” Gaston muttered a little to himself. “As long as we have good people around us to help us, things can always be fixed. Don’t forget that, the wise raccoon added to the twins. Now let’s watch the music! »

In the distance, the twins could hear piano, saxophone, drums… But that was not all. “Look, Clara, look! Wide-eyed, Marco pointed above their heads, where musical notes swayed to the rhythm dictated by the instruments.

“How wonderful! Clara shouted as she emerged.

Instruments played by themselves on a large stage right in the center of the Place des Festivals.

The keys of the piano, the strings of the double bass, the bow of the violin were moving as if alive. Wind instruments, saxophone, trumpet and flute floated in the air, swaying from left to right in cadence.

A large crowd gathered in the Quartier des spectacles. The music was all over the air, but everyone could feel it in their bodies, like a comforting warmth despite the cold winter wind.

“There is a festival here every day! He turned on Gaston. It’s fun time all year round. We almost lost it to the damn cones, but Catherine and her gear managed to keep them out of the Quartier des Spectacles for the time being. A real saint, this Catherine! »

“Who is he, Monsieur Gaston?” the twins asked.

“Damn ketchup chip, I almost forgot you were here!” You will learn very quickly, he will help us with the first part of the machine. It’s there, it’s there! Catheriiiiiiine! »

A few meters above the ground, the famous Catherine twirled merrily, perched on one of the giant swings that hung from each of the large lampposts that bordered Festival Square. “How pleasant, Monsieur Gaston,” she exults, politely hurrying to join them. Oh! And who are your two friends? »

Clara and Marco’s faces lit up. Madame Catherine expressed herself by singing. All his words turned into melodies when they came out of his mouth.

Gaston introduced the twins to his friend, then explained their quest. “How brave you are, how lucky you are to be here! I think I can help you,” he replied. “This feeling of warmth and comfort that you feel right now is called the Power of Music. This explains why we are happy when surrounded by music. It is, in a sense, the fuel of our Anticon Machine. In the car, it takes the shape of an accordion. Buried somewhere in the corner. You just need to learn a tune to find it. »

“But, Mrs. Catherine… We don’t play musical instruments…”, Marco apologized.

“Do you want to know a secret? Neither do I! My only instrument is my voice! »

“Clara has a beautiful voice too,” exclaimed Marco. But I haven’t heard for a long time. Since the war. Clara suddenly appeared down beside him. His brother took his hand and put his shoulder gently on his shoulder.

“I’d like to try,” Clara whispered, looking at Marco and smiling. Then he turned to Catherine, “Teach me the tune, please. »

After a few tries, Clara was already singing a tune that would lead them to the accordion. Each time he struck a note, the instrument responded and the trio approached him. It was like a game of Marco Polo… a musical!

They discovered a thousand wonders of the region on the way. At the Place des Festivals, behind the stage, people skated on huge jets of ice that shot out of fountains. Later, the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier building was converted into a carousel. The building turned on itself, with children young and old on board.

Rue Saint-Urbain, a small crowd surrounded a chorus of costumed penguins harmonizing with Leonard Cohen.

The twins were having a blast. Clara sang the tune again and they listened. Nearby, a harmonica answered. “There it is!” shouted Marco, pointing to a magnificent chest hidden behind one of the stages, among the trunks of the instruments.

Marco slowly opened the box and took out Clara’s harmonica. As he touched her, he felt the heat within him increase tenfold.

“You have succeeded, little people! “Now let’s go back to the rainbow line,” said Gaston the raccoon, already on the move. I’d bet an entire packet of salt and vinegar potato chips that the next car is around the corner from Parc Jean-Drapeau! But first let me check something…”

The raccoon displays his morale-o-meter, which makes a cheerful beeping sound. “That’s great! We’ve gone up a notch!”

After arriving in underground Montreal, the twins were in a better mood. The confusion and desperation that engulfed them as they were forced to leave their country gave way to a part that had not lived in them for a long time – magic.

“It warms my heart to see you like this!” Go go! If you like the Quartier des spectacles, you won’t know where I’m taking you! »

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