Vehicles and ‘open’ chimneys still at the heart of the 2022-2027 climate protection plans

On December 16, 2022, the prefecture of Isère signed a decree establishing the “Grenoble Alpes Dauphine” atmospheric protection plan (PPA) for the next five years. It is a document that both evaluates the previous two plans and tracks ways to further improve air quality. A strong declaration of intent envisaging Grenoble Metropolis and 7 municipal communities and agglomerations by 2027 (see perimeters below). At the same time, the PPA for the Lyon conurbation, signed at the end of November, also covers the Vienna-Condrieu and Capi sectors. Their goals are the same and the means are little different.

ZFE in Grenoble and Lyon: what a trip for neighbors?

This applies, for example, to the Low Emission Zones (ZFE) that will be gradually introduced for private cars in 13 municipalities, both in the center of the regional capital and in the heart of the Grenoble metropolitan area. If the topic of assistance for the purchase of “clean” or less polluting vehicles for people who live or work in these areas has already been advanced, the question remains for those who go to the cinema, theater, sports event from time to time. or picking up the family at the station. Help or refuse? This is one of the questions.

Is the use of inefficient heaters prohibited?

Another dimension common to both plans that can have a major impact on individuals concerns heating systems that emit a lot of fine particles, and especially open fireplaces and other older boilers. In both cases, a complete ban on the installation of inefficient wood heating systems will be introduced at the beginning of 2023, and the aim of 2027 is to move towards a ban on the use of these heaters.

It also applies to industry and agriculture

Besides cars and chimneys, the PPAs each list several dozen actions targeting agriculture and ammonia emissions from manure. Industry also has its own component to reduce pollutant emissions. This is also one of the reasons for the integration of the Isère Rhône furrow into the PPA for the Lyon conurbation.

Grenoble is no longer a dirty city!

As for the effectiveness of these plans involving local authorities and the state, according to Isere prefecture, it is enough to assess the progress already made. Grenoble is like that”out of the red“Isère highlights Laurent Prevost’s prefect.”Grenoble was one of the agglomerations that contributed to the state being forced to pay fines by the administrative courts. Today, and for the third year in a row, we have fallen below the limits, especially for fine particulate matter and NOx. So Grenoble leaves the French court, probably the European court. However, should we stop there? Nope. We know that there are still additional deaths related to air pollution.

What is certain is that the areas covered by these plans are increasing. So that, 36 municipalities of the community of municipalities of Vals-du-Dauphiné, around La Tour-du-Pin and Abrets-en-Dauphiné, now all in the Grenoble PPA, against only one before. The perimeter also covers this time 50 municipalities of the municipal community of Bièvre Isère vs. 40 before.

PPA “Grenoble Alpes Dauphiné 2022-2027” perimeter and dimensions

Scope of PPA Grenoble Alpes Dauphiné

Prefecture of Isère

Grenoble Alpes Dauphiné plan 2022-2027 activities 1/3

Prefecture of Isere

2022-2027 activities of Grenoble Alpes Dauphiné 2/3

Prefecture of Isère

2022-2027 activities of Grenoble Alpes Dauphiné pan 3/3
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Prefecture of Isère
  • The perimeter and measures of the “Lyon agglomeration 2022-2027” PPA
Scope of the atmospheric protection plan of Lyon conurbation

Rhone prefecture

PPA measures for the Lyon metropolitan area 2022-2027 1/3

Rhone prefecture

PPA measures for the Lyon metropolitan area 2022-2027 2/3

Rhone prefecture

PPA measures for the Lyon metropolitan area 2022-2027 3/3

Rhone prefecture

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