MVP and 2022 big winners

As 2022 draws to a close, it’s time to take a look back at the NBA basketball players who made the biggest impression on it. Attention: Champions, Breakouts, anyone who made the last 12 months special in one way or another.

Stephen Curry

“What will they say now?!”, was announced as the leader of the Golden State Warriors in June, trophy in hand. That’s right, what more could you ask for? In his 13th season in the NBA, Stephen Curry definitely finished the game.

After two brutal seasons marred by injuries and losses, the league’s last dynasty has reclaimed its throne. Obviously, the “chief” played a central role in his return to the top. The author of the Royal season, he won his fourth ring and, above all, the long-awaited crown as the MVP of the Finals. The list is finally complete.

The lack of this title in his trophy cabinet has long been criticized. But now that the void has been filled, what argument can be made against Curry’s legacy? The four-time champion won it all by changing basketball at the same time. 2022 also looks like the culmination of one of history’s greatest careers.

Accordingly, Sports Illustrated called the Human Torch its “Athlete of 2022″. If we had to keep just one here too, the choice without hesitation would be Wardell Stephen Curry.

In the dark, Stephen Curry may be stronger than ever

Laetitia Guapo

in 2022 Laetitia Guapo seen it all, done it all. It is not for nothing that the French defender was awarded the Alain Gilles trophy for “the best basketball player of 2022”. So he later became his second wife Celine DumercTo win this award given annually by the French Federation.

This year, he won the French championship and the European Cup for the first time with Burges before moving to the national team. The 3×3 team went on to win the European Cup and then the World Cup, during which time he was named MVP of the competition. Adding to that the European Super Cup and his Alain Gilles trophy, Guapo probably had to install a new trophy rack at home after recovering from this epic adventure.

In one and the same year, all these achievements come under supernatural command. “I don’t know if I ever imagined I could do all these titles, even in one career”, he himself admitted in an interview with journalist Lucas Nicot. Laëtitia Guapo walked the basketball in 365 days.

Victor Vembanyama

In France, 2022 is above all the year of “Wembamania”. The French prodigy, already well known by basketball fans, has shown himself to everyone. train Victor Vembanyama now traveling the world.

Never has a French prospect been more popular – but “Wembanyama” is not a very catchy name. The miraculous success of the young pivot is completely unprecedented in Europe.

Together with the Metropolitans, this unique talent brings back the Betclic Elite. Night after night, he pushes back the boundaries of reality. But it’s mostly just his trip to the US to host G League Ignite Scooter Hendersonbegan a general frenzy.

After tasting the sample, the world could no longer do without this sweetness. That’s why the NBA decided to stream Wembanyama matches on League Pass so that everyone can enjoy the security camera matches in the 4,000-seat venue – French know-how in all its glory.

At the same time, he was able to mercilessly represent the “Blues” in his qualifying debut, presenting himself as the future of world basketball. by order of Vincent Collett, as well as his club coach, native Nanterre, shone in France’s qualification for the World Cup. Except for his nickname “Wemby”, the unblemished run to date is probably found at Woippy Town Stadium.

Wembanyama Race: who really wants to hit the jackpot?

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