Knicks – Sixers Notes: Julius Randle didn’t keep up with the times

An NBA season is about the games, the guys watching and talking about them, and the guys watching and appreciating them. A possible revenge after a youth spent collecting zeros, and anyway, a perfect opportunity to drop a kilo. Once again this season, Team Notes will delight you with its inexhaustible imagination as it tries to talk a little about basketball, even on Christmas. A chick?

The game went three and a half quarters, which is too bad for the Knicks and good for the Sixers’ current streak. Want a summary? You will have a summary. Want to highlight? It’s easy to find. Statistics? They are here. So what’s missing for the perfect coverage? Match ratings, that is, towards match ratings.


Jalen Brunson (7): he’s three inches off the floor, never from the right side, and takes 120% of his layups, but how effective. 23 points and 11 assists over 50%, Jalen is the point guard the Knicks need, a guy who only opens it up when needed and plays BASKETBALL, yes, plays with capital letters.

RJ Barrett (6): he sometimes showed muscles, suggested to himself a face to face All of Pennsylvania at the end of the match, but we found RJ in particular sending bricks tonight (6/21). He’s not going to put up 44 points every night, he’s still not the best Canadian in the NBA.

Julius Randle (7): an incredible first half with big shots, drives to make LeBron look like a skinny guy, and after two and a half quarters, the guy was already in his thirties. A bit off at the end of the match, he still finishes at 35/8/4/2, but we clearly get the impression that he could have finished at 45.

Quentin Grimes (5): it’s still a starter in this new Knicks 2022 version, I’m not sure it’s worth growing white hair on Evan Fournier. Correct fit but nothing else, looks like I’d rate a 5th in EPS.

Mitchell Robinson (6): 10 points, 16 rebounds and 3 blocks. Mitchell Robinson is DeAndre Jordan, but the DeAndre Jordan of 2015.

Immanuel Quickley (5): we still don’t know if those legs are long or very short.

Miles McBride (-): we enjoyed her winter body for five minutes.

Isaiah Hartenstein (4): A bad match, but an incredible tackle on James Harden at the end of the match. Gaël Fickou confirmed live.

Jericho Sims (5): In the new version of The Sim’s, the goal of the game is to get as many rebounds as there are glitches.

Evan Fournier (-): In the Knicks’ official Christmas Day launch photo, Evan rides a scooter in the far background of the photo. That’s it, that’s all.


Joel Embiid (8): complicated beginnings, the middle of the second is complicated, but in the end he always scores 35 pawns and V to mark the victory. From Joel Embiid in the text.

James Harden (8): it’s like a mosquito hovering around you that you want to squash between two flip-flops, but it always bites you on the nose. 29 points, 13 assists, 4 steals, all on offense.

Tobias Harris (4): Two moves were completed on Jalen Brunson in transition and the rest of the time…we didn’t see it. And you? No? Don’t you too?

PJ Tucker (5): the smoke from the incense stick at the beginning of the match evaporated like the smell of raw ham. Two quick breakdowns, spent 20 minutes in the hood and then back to work. If you haven’t seen him tonight, you’re just a normal person.

De’Anthony Melton (6): Few people talk about it, but the real ones know. De’Anthony Melton is a bit like the Figol of the NBA, whose talent only the most deserving pucks know about. Five more threes tonight and that perfect role player status for Doc Rivers.

Daniel House Jr. (4): ten minutes at the club. Then in the Clubhouse.

George Niang (6): he is asked to shoot so that he also shoots. Unlike the Sender who is asked not to steal. Clutch at will, it was more George of the Garden than George of the Jungle.

Shake Milton (5): took time to score, but eventually got there. Shake at the wrong time.

Montrezl Harrell (4): we’d happily take him alligator hunting with our bare hands, but we’ll be back for basketball.

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