iPhone SE 4: presentation in the hot seat

Apple iPhone SE 4

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The iPhone SE, the most affordable smartphone in Apple’s catalog, has a slower refresh rate than the standard iPhone. Apple releases a new version every two years, with the latest device being the iPhone SE 2022, the third to its name and still featuring the design of the iPhone 8. Since then, leaks about his successor have been mounting and logically believed to be up for sale. Early 2024.

iPhone SE 3 (2022)

iPhone SE 3 (2022)

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For his part, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is always very aware of Apple’s little secrets, says that the mass production of this iPhone SE 4, originally planned for 2024, will be delayed at best, at worst… canceled. According to him, this hypothesis is explained “always lower-than-expected shipments of entry-level and mid-range iPhones”, that is, SE 2022, Mini models that are not eligible for the 14th generation, and even the iPhone 14 Plus. Thus, delaying or even canceling the launch of the iPhone SE 4 would be part of a policy of economic rationalization in the unfavorable economic context of 2023, highlighted by the high cost of the large screen replacing the small panel of the previous iPhone SE.

The Cupertino company will have every opportunity to review its plans until 2024, when the transition from Lightning charging to USB-C will also be observed in accordance with the directives of the European Commission. This won’t be the only change for the iPhone SE 4, which is currently expected to adopt the iPhone XR or iPhone 11 design, and so the iPhone SE 2022 will benefit from a 6.1-inch panel instead of 4.7 inches. It doesn’t have Face ID, which is replaced by a fingerprint reader, presumably on the edge, rather than a Touch ID button.

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