Are you an artist? do you have friends Here are 8 ideas for building creative friendships

Mucem celebrates the friendships of the 20th century, where many poets, intellectuals, musicians, filmmakers and artists worked together to create. Some were busy from “I” to “we”. “between-subjects experiments”posts in collaboration “automatic” or some “Cooperative working methods”like slender bodies, to redefine the codes of beauty.

“Picasso to Picabia, Gabrielle Buffet to Arpa, Hains to Brien or Villeglé, Matta to Brauner, Brecht to Filliu, Beuys to Paik, Castelli to Fetting, Camilla Adami to Peter Saul, Klein to Saint. From Phalle and Tinguely, Spoerri to Kaprow, McCarthy to Rhoades, Roth to Rainer, Burroughs to Gysin, Pommereulle to Fleischer, 117 works are brought together – for the first time – to offer a variety of collaborative works from public collections and private”provides detailed information about the event of the museum called “Friendships, collective creativity”.

As we had the chance to visit their exhibition, we saw many original projects created by several pairs of hands. We thought it would be good to share some crazy (or not) ideas for creative collaborations with you fellow artists. A perfect list to inspire your breakups and rekindle your friendships.

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#1. Start creating an art album together

Author William S. Burroughs and artist Brion Gysin undertook this in their joint work The Third Mind, and you can get great inspiration from your friend, artist, or not. It was in the early 1960s that Burroughs first applied the cutting technique invented by Gysin and associated with the Beat Generation.

To make a cut, you need to take the original text, break it into pieces, and rearrange it to create new text. The goal was to replicate the hallucinations and distortions of the mind. The great thing about scrapbooks is that you don’t need to be very talented, you just need to have small layout ideas and apply yourself to writing, cutting and pasting. Kindergarten level, what.

#2. Draw a thin drawing of a corpse

Created in 1925 by Yves Tanguy and André Masson, the exquisite corpse is the perfect friendship game. In it A Concise Dictionary of SurrealismAndré Breton defines it as “A folded paper game in which several people compose a sentence or picture without regard to the cooperation or previous cooperation of any of them”.

If you’ve always wondered why it’s called the “elegant body,” thanks to Mucem, we have the answer: “The example that became a classic and gave the game its name is in the first sentence, thus obtained: The exquisite corpse will drink the new wine.” If you want to follow the tradition, you can therefore create texts as well as (and above all) images together. You just have to free your imagination, open your unconscious and invent new languages. Easy.

#3. Draw pictures with four pairs of hands

Whom White board By Bertrand Lavier and Niele Toroni, made by four hands or Collective table By Camilla Adami, Erró, Jean-Jacques Lebel, and Peter Saul, you can divide a drawing into two or four to create a work with two or four pairs of hands. Each has its own style, each has its own square, but a whole work with a common stamp. Be careful not to cannibalize the other’s place or confusion will ensue.

#4. Sign a case collectively

If you happen to suffer from ophthalmic jaw disease like Francis Picabia in 1921, this is the easiest job you can get. The artist, locked in his apartment, asked his relatives and volunteers to visit him at home in order to sign the collective work and leave him. a note on it, as if you passed a little arm in plaster to the whole school.

Visitors came and went, signed and then left. A total of 54 participants, including the big names of the art, gave life Eye cacodylate. Very practical when we have Covid-19, are bedridden or have poor eyesight. Wear a mask if you’re contagious to avoid infecting your friends.

#5. Create a screen

A screen, yes, yes, but not just any screen: a surrealist screen like the surrealists did in 1937. On display in my museum, you can see collective signatures and random drawings. A decorative object that will remind you of the pleasant memories of this evening drawing on the screen with your friends…

#6. Write an artistic and political manifesto

we all know A Manifesto of Surrealismbut few people know Large Collective Anti-Fascist PaintingIt was created in 1960 by Jean-Jacques Lebel. Along with artists Baj, Crippa, Dova, Recalcati and Erró, the artist dreamed up this 5 meter by 4 meter piece. “Condemning the atrocities committed by the colonialists during the Algerian war, especially the harassment and torture of Djamila Boupacha”, defended by lawyer and activist Gisèle Halimi. Mucem reports that the painting was exhibited in Milan in 1961. “At the Anti-Court III Demonstration” and will be “He was imprisoned for 26 years with political motives”.

Another example: the Guerrilla Girls collective, founded by Frida Kahlo and Käthe Kollwitz, who advocated for better representation of female artists in museums. Take a strong cause that is close to your heart, a friend, and you, and write a manifesto or imagine a collective work around it. After this creation, the world can change.

#7. Collect your poems and photos

If one likes to write and the other prefers to create pictures, why not imagine your poems and photos hanging wildly? In Show your poems — Show your picturesthe poet Camille Bryen and the artists Henri Baranger and Raoul Ubac plastered their texts and pictures on the walls of Paris on the night of February 13, 1936, to celebrate the day their works were published. poetic movement. It’s a good way to make the most of your promotion.

#8. Enter the performance

In Beetles & Co, Bernard Heidsieck and Paul-Armand Goethe … write poems about insects. In 1965, during the fifth edition of the Paris Biennale, two friends turned this poem into a real performance: one read the poem aloud, and the other drew the anatomy of an insect.

The highlight of the show: two firefighters from the city of Paris perform acrobatics. You can be inspired by this poem performed, you can choose any animal you want, but if you don’t have fireman friends, get a circus or a dancer, it will do. .

If animals and firemen bore you, there’s a more NSFW alternative to keep you happy, and that’s shoving leeks up your ass, like the one below. 120 minutes dedicated to the Divine MarquisBy Jean-Jacques Lebel: a “historic event”It took place at the Théâtre de la Chimère in Montmartre. “In the building of Andre Breton and Toye”.

This performance is evaluated “obscene” He expressed his respect for Marquis de Sade’s philosophical work. Participants simply and collectively put leeks in the ass. Well, avoid getting caught by the police and make sure everyone agrees to this exercise.

“Friendships, collective creativity”, until February 13, 2023 at Mucem (Marseille).

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