INTERVIEW – Elodie Gossuin (9 d’Or): “I listen to a lot of music with my children”

It’s scary for him to say that 2022 was full of emotions. After deciding to leave the RFM morning, Elodie Gossin quickly returned. These last months he is entrusted with several programs within the M6 ​​group : Tonight we sing for Unicef, the biggest karaoke in FranceAlong with Eric Antoine, even Tonight we sing for the firefighters. Jérôme Anthony, a former beauty queen who has always been a charmer in the music world, has also been replaced. in command W9 Goldaward ceremony The most listened and viewed artists of 2022. Before the winners are announced, this Friday, December 16, Elodie Gossuin has agreed to play an interview game on the song. Your favorite song for W9 d’or 2022?

Elodie Gossin : It’s complicated because there are so many different musical universes… I could very well answer Yanns (aka “Clic clic pan pan”, editor’s note) with a nod to my kids because they adore it! The song you listen to prepare for the show?

Elodie Gossin : I don’t have a song in particular, but I definitely need a happy song to put me in a good mood. I need potatoes. Honestly, I’m a Celine Dion fan so listening to ‘My Pagan Prayer’ can only make me smile! Is the song you’re listening to on repeat?

Elodie Gossin : Let me say that I discovered a real passion for Christophe Willem. I had a chance to sing a duet with him a little while ago. And then, as with everything else, I’m so perfect that I have a hard time separating the person from the artist, depending on the people I work with. I discovered a fantastic person there. There is a certain brotherhood between us. The song you sing in the shower?

Elodie Gossin : He can join my “list of shame” very quickly in the shower (Laughs). There are so many… I’d say maybe one in Jennifer’s My Revolution or Gilbert Montagné’s world. ‘We Will Love Each Other’, I can sing in the shower even if everyone in the house can hear me. A song that definitely makes you want to dance?

Elodie Gossin : Amir’s ‘party’ without hesitation! On the contrary, a song that makes you cry?

Elodie Gossin : My friend too! “retina” or “long time”. There’s something about her… Everything she does speaks to me. Every time I listen to one of his songs for the first time, I get both chills and tears. A song you like to listen to with your husband?

Elodie Gossin : Our wedding song. There were several, but to be honest, “I promise you” by Johnny Hallyday, which remains after almost twenty years, and every time something special appears between us again. It’s not very original, but you create your own universe around a title, that’s the magic of music in general. The song you listen to with your four children?

Elodie Gossin : With children, we listen to a lot of music. We love to play music and dance like crazy. We sang Bigflo & Oli on repeat for a while. Then there is Orelsan. We all listen together, discover, pay attention to words that really have meaning. It connects us very well. A song that drives you crazy?

Elodie Gossin : It’s not super original, but my daughter keeps listening to Snow Queen and I think I’ve crossed my tolerance limit. I developed real allergies! Otherwise, my kids also discovered the songs through “Mortelle Adèle” (youth comic book series, editor’s note), although they also listened to titles that were not known in the music world. Not forgetting the “poo song”. I can’t anymore! They kill me with laughter, they listen all the time, I wear AirPods so I can’t hear them… Your guilty pleasure song?

Elodie Gossin : There are very few! I can’t wait to play Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christman Is You” on repeat this time of year. It really suits me. For me, it’s not guilty, but I fully accept listening to Patrick Sébastien’s songs. It makes me feel good and puts me in a good mood. I’ve worked with him and, humanly, I adore him. The most beautiful song of all time for you?

Elodie Gossin : Already have the entire repertoire of Jean-Jacques Goldman and Celine Dion. But the one that stands out to me, which has so many meanings, would be “I’ll Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. The song that ends 2022? : This doesn’t really sum up my year, but Pierre de Maere’s quote really touched me: ‘One day I will marry an angel.’ I like the idea of ​​having my head in the clouds. As I get older, I feel like my head is in the clouds. I never imagined that people would trust me so much on the M6. There’s a lot going on, I’m having fun. I feel like I’m back in my twenties, and thanks to the M6, I’m living my dream. I’m very happy and I think that kind of wraps up the year.

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