Handball: Nousty continues the Way of the Cross

But this season, in addition to exploits, the Canaries will need a miracle. On June 20, when hail fell in the village, the sky fell on their heads…

But this season, in addition to exploits, the Canaries will need a miracle. On June 20, when torrential rains hit the village of Nousty, Soumoulou…depriving them of their favorite room, the sky that rivals feared for the sweltering atmosphere provided by some 800 fervent supporters fell upon them. The roof and floor will be repaired, the dilapidated reception room…

Since then, the club has played outside its walls, hosted by surrounding clubs and villages for training and matches. And the Nousty flag team is struggling. Elite chicken’s red lantern is hunted as the team raised by Michel Laborde waits to go home. If a month ago the leaders were hoping to find their room in mid-December, it is not the case today. Rain and the unavailability of some materials slowed down the progress of the roof repairs than other areas (the municipality is the contracting authority).

Although Nousty play the last game of the first leg “at home” against Assonda Martigues this Saturday (read elsewhere), club president Jerome Dubrère and team coach Michel Laborde are confident about their feelings and fears in the face of this complicated situation. .

  • Jérôme Doubrere, President of Pau Nousty Sports.


  • Michel Laborde, coach of the first team (N1, elite pool) of Pau Nousty Sports.

    Michel Laborde, coach of the first team (N1, elite pool) of Pau Nousty Sports.


When can you expect to play again in your room at Nousty?

Jérôme Doubrère (president): We received the opinion of the city hall on Tuesday and unfortunately we are sure that the room will not be usable before the middle of February. On January 21, we will have to play our recovery match elsewhere. In mid-February, all our teams will be able to return to play and practice in our hall, but the renovation of the reception hall will not be completed. We asked the municipality to provide us with Maison pour Tous, located 50 m away. We hope it does, but even so, we know the fun won’t be the same…and neither will the income he gets.

Does the lack of entertainment room affect your budget, even if you need to increase it next season to meet the new features of the elite chicken?

JD: We were already 75,000 euros short of our budget. There, without this income from catering / meals, we will have to find at least 100,000! Because next season, the federation requires all teams in the elite pool to have a minimum of four professional contracts (two today, compared to us, Romain Milhavet and goalkeeper Guillaume Jamet) and a budget of at least €500,000. 400,000 before.

Is National No. 1 elite too restrictive for Nousti, who also received 2 penalty points for failing medicals at the start of the season?

JD: We’ve known for over a year that the specs were rising and we’ve been working to structure ourselves. Elite chicken is clearly becoming the 3rd division. Apart from the budget and the contracts, this chicken of N1 is the only one that, from this year onwards, has an extensive medical at the beginning of the season as required in the Proligue. The frustrating thing is that we have a separate status, but it doesn’t accompany us to adapt to the new features that are required. Instead, we give hammer blows (Editor’s note: 2 penalty points). We at Nousty feel uncomfortable. The Federation wants big poles in elite 1, they still don’t understand how we can be there.

Can Pau Nousty manage to play local players despite these demands?

Michel Laborde, coach: “Yes. Half of the main team players started playing handball at Nousty. Three-quarters are from here or the surrounding area. The final quarter comes from elsewhere in France and Spain. We don’t know yet who will be the pro status players next year, but in any case it will be decided between January and March.

In terms of sports, Pau Nousty is the red light of elite chicken. Is this the worst season since debuting in National 1?

ML: No, we cannot say that. First, the year when Covid came to stop the championship, it was worse. Just three wins in 14 matches (Editor’s note: to date Nousty has three wins and a draw in 12 matches). And I even think this year’s team is stronger than five years ago. But the fact is that the level of chicken is very high; is increasing year by year. This season the team has only conceded twice, they have lost four matches by one or two goals and we never give up, there is nothing to say in terms of investment. And then we don’t fall. We got three points from the first place. We must not exceed five points, after that it gets complicated.

How does the lack of a hall affect the sports side?

ML: The lack of public and benchmarks is heavy and, moreover, complicated for training. This season we had to practice four to five practices a week because we knew you had to participate in six practices to compete… But we can’t get everyone together there. Especially on Fridays. We change rooms four times a week, between Jeanne d’Albret (college in Pau), Saint-Cricq (high school in Pau), Andoins and Lee, the pitches are not up to standard… And we’ve been changing rooms for two months. ‘muscu has more access.

Post game meal at Asson this Saturday

In Asson, this Saturday evening, Pau Nousty is organizing a meal after the game (match against Martigues at 19:00). Places left. < animation.pns@gmail.com > Reservations are recommended by email

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