Can the Warriors get by without Stephen Curry?

Stephen Curry, who suffered a shoulder injury in the last game against the Pacers, will unfortunately miss several weeks of competition. A real blow to the Warriors, who didn’t need it – but then they really didn’t. Can they limit the breakout without Steven, or are they doomed to slide a little further down the standings?

14 wins to 15 losses and 10th place in the West, this is clearly not the start to the season that the defending champions envisioned. However, ten days ago we thought the Warriors were on the right track after winning seven of nine games, but they fell into their own trap in action (three straight losses, record… 2-13). on the way this season) like Draymond Green.

And now they have to deal without Stephen Curry.

Coming off an MVP-caliber start to the season (30 points, 6.6 rebounds, 6.8 assists), Curry began the 2022-23 campaign the same way he ended his last, developing at an absolutely exceptional level of play. With him on the court, and more so with Steve Kerr’s regular five (Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green, Kevon Looney), Golden State was Golden State and generally dominated their opponents. Steph this season (7.37 points per Real +/- ESPNfourth in the NBA). On the other hand, without it, it crumbles like a house of cards.

As Kevin O’Connor points out Caller, the Warriors go from a +7 net rating (ie the difference between offensive and defensive efficiency) with Curry on the court to -11 when the best shooter in history isn’t playing. It stings. By the way, want Dubs results without Steph this season? 0 wins – 3 losses. oh

There are plenty of signs that will give Warriors fans a cold sweat ahead of the next set of deadlines. Here’s a complete look at the 2022 champion schedule The bad news is Golden State has to move on four more away games Until Christmas, Steve Kerr’s men are allergic to victory on the road this season.

  • @ Philadelphia (December 16)
  • @ Toronto (Dec 18)
  • @ New York (Dec 20)
  • @ Brooklyn (Dec 22)

Not the easiest of road trips, you’ll agree. Not easy, especially after thatAndrew Wiggins is still in the hospital (adductor) has recently returned to training, but there is no return date. And to make matters worse, Draymond Green is questionable for tonight’s game in Philadelphia with a quadriceps injury.

After their road trip, the Warriors will have a chance to return to California soil 8 games at home Until January 10, 2023.

  • Memphis (December 25)
  • Charlotte (December 27)
  • Utah (December 28)
  • Portland (December 30)
  • Atlanta (January 2)
  • Detroit (January 4)
  • Orlando (January 7)
  • Phoenix (January 10)

With the likes of Charlotte, Detroit and Orlando on the schedule, Golden State should be able to pick up some wins, even if Stephen Curry’s absence eliminates any guarantee of success for the Warriors. ‘West like Memphis, Utah, Portland and Phoenix. In such games, Curry is out Jordan Poole in particular will need to step upHe’s had an excellent December on an individual level since being integrated into the starting five in Wiggins’ absence (7 games, 6 starts, 24 points and 4 assists on 44% shooting, 35% 3-pointers, 90% free throws).

What value will the Warriors have when Stephen Curry returns in a few weeks? Can they at least hold off Minnesota and the Lakers by staying in the playoffs? Can they limit the breakout thanks to an eight-straight streak at the Chase Center?

In January 2023, we will consider the point at which Steph will approach his return. But there is reason for great doubt during these lines, and even though the Warriors are in dire straits.

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