What is affecting electric cars in Europe?

American manufacturer Rivian and German giant Mercedes have just announced their divorce. That’s why we shouldn’t see Rivian electric cars in Europe for a long time.

The article was updated on December 15, 2022

: Just three months after announcing their partnership, Mercedes and Rivian have called it quits, as you can read in a press release. It’s officially a break. Unofficially, we imagine Rivia’s financial woes (declining sales and difficulty raising funds) are prompting the American company to focus on current production: the R1T pickup and the R1S SUV.

Normally, these two electric cars were supposed to cross the Atlantic to go on sale in Europe in 2022. Since then, no date has been reported, and it is safe to say that the termination of cooperation with Mercedes is a sign. No more delay for Rivia’s arrival on the Old Continent. By the end of the year, Rivia is expected to produce just 25,000 electric vehicles in the United States, instead of the 50,000 originally planned.

Which is what has led some analysts to declare that this withdrawal from Europe and the refusal of assistance provided by Mercedes may be a mistake. According to Elon Musk, what reinforces the idea that Lucid and Rivian will go straight into the wall!

Original article, September 12, 2022

: Tesla’s US rival Rivian and Mercedes-Benz have signed a partnership to develop new electric utility vehicles. These will be manufactured in Europe.

Van Rivian for Amazon

If you’re not familiar with Rivia yet, that’s totally fine. But be aware that you may soon hear a lot about the American manufacturer, which aims to compete with Tesla in the electric car market. Founded in 2009 by engineer RJ Scaringe, the firm was first called Mainstream Motors and then Avera Automotive before taking the Rivian name. If he originally planned to make a small hybrid sports car, things have changed a lot since then.

Two Mercedes – Rivian utilities in the program

If the manufacturer offers a large seven-seater electric SUV R1S, it is known above all for its utility. In particular, we’re thinking of the R1T pickup, which competes with the Tesla Cybertruck and the other Ford F-150 Lightning. But the firm had its first success when it signed a partnership with Amazon to provide the company with electric delivery vans. But, of course, the young brand is not going to be satisfied with this. That is why he signed a partnership agreement with Mercedes.

Van Rivian for Amazon
Van Rivian for Amazon

This then involves the creation of a joint venture to develop and assemble two completely new electric vehicles.. Thus, the two manufacturers will share costs and R&D skills. Two large models are already planned one will be based on a completely new Mercedes platform called VAN.EA, and the second will receive the Rivian Light Van technical base in a new version.

Although no information has been released about the specifications of these cars yet, we do know that they will be 100% electric. As defined Automotive NewsAll utilities that Mercedes will launch from 2025 will be there anyway.

Made in Europe

If nothing has been officially confirmed yet, The production of these two new models can be done at Mercedes’ plant in Kecskemet, Hungary. Launched in 2012, it produces the brand’s entry-level models from Class A to Class C. According to Automotive News, the manufacturer plans to reduce production of these models to focus on the top-end. In addition, it plans to restructure other production areas responsible for assembling large vans, such as the Sprinter, to offset the high costs required to assemble electric vehicles.

A breath of fresh air for Rivian?

After that, Mercedes will invest 400 million euros in its plant in Düsseldorf.

. Other sites in Central and Eastern Europe should also see the light of day. In any case, the partnership signed with the star should allow Rivian to improve its position, the firm lost $ 1.2 billion in the second quarter.

The manufacturer still has big ambitions, as it plans to introduce a new 1,200 hp all-terrain model next year. It also wants to develop the network of fast charging stations already established in the United States. This new joint venture could also allow it to consider marketing in Europe, where other companies such as General Motors are also considering it. Finally, it should be noted that the Rivian R1S and R1T should be available in Europe in the future, but the date is not yet known.

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