We can’t stop New York Knicks, Nikola Jokic (Denver) in MVP mode

Series: Knicks take fifth

Twelve days ago, was it possible to suspect that the New York Knicks would be among the league’s most eligible teams come mid-December? The point is, riding a five-game winning streak Thursday morning that is only surpassed by the Western Conference second-place Memphis Grizzlies (6 straight, current streak).

After six losses in eight games from Nov. 19 to Dec. 3, the Big Apple franchise bounced back brilliantly with some nice passing success, especially against Cleveland (92-81). On Tuesday, the Chicago Bulls, with a troubling trajectory (11v-16d, 11th in the East), succumbed at home after overtime (120-128, ap), after a very tight matchup and despite a higher overall address (54.8%) . vs. 49.5% for visitors).

But Tom Thibodeau’s men, who continued to use their strong options without the services of Derrick Rose and Evan Fournier, were more involved in rebounding (15 offensive catches, 48 ​​to 31 under the boards) and based on two bases. Men with 30 points: Jalen Brunson (30 points, 7 assists) and Julius Randle (31 points, 13 rebounds, 7 assists). The latter missed an opportunity to win the shot as he retreated after regulation time. The two teams will meet again on Thursday in Chicago.


The winner of Atlanta at home (135-124), Orlando Magic took care of the collective copy: 8 players scored 11 or more points. Ideal when the Hawks have six players with 15 or more points.

Player: Jokic on the stick against the Wizards

Almost a perfect fit. Aside from the Denver Nuggets’ very logical win at home against the Washington Wizards (141-128), Nikola Jokic had the most productive performance of the season, at least on the offensive level. The Serbian scored 43 points — the most for a two-time regular-season MVP — and capped the evening with a captivating performance, taking advantage of a game in which both teams (and the losing Wizards) had little will to defend. 17 of 20 shooting (0 of 2 on three-pointers). Jokic added 14 rebounds, 8 assists and 5 steals to his performance, marred by only 8 stray balls.


“Toronto Raptors” who won at home against “Sacramento Kings” by a small margin (123-124) managed to make only 6 three-pointers (in 21 attempts, 28.6%). Tied for the lowest total of the season.

Return: Lamelo Ball, rusty, then upset

“It’s just a matter of legs, getting back into the swing of things. » Like his first long shots, which were mostly short, LaMelo Ball (21) needed some warm-up time to get back into the game. Second, after eleven away matches. The Charlotte Hornets quarterback missed the team’s first 13 games with a preseason foot injury, ending up in the hospital after his third controversial appearance after stepping on a spectator’s foot.

Ball still finished with a double-double in 34 minutes of play (23 points on 9-of-18 shooting, including 5-of-13 three-pointers, 11 assists), but was badly missed by his team in overtime (134-141, ap). ), after committing his 6th foul before regulation time expired. However, the foundation is being laid (again) for a lead that should continue Thursday against Atlanta.


With nine game-winning baskets (of 17 points) (35 points) or like the entire Oklahoma City team, Tyler Herro was the main architect of the Miami Heat’s narrow victory over the Thunder (110-108). The Floridians tied the franchise record with 24 three-pointers.

And also…

Damian Lillard (37 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists) led the Portland Trail Blazers to victory over the San Antonio Spurs (128-112). Among the uninspiring Dallas Mavericks (39.2% shooting), the Cleveland Cavaliers recovered from a one-point loss (111-112) in San Antonio with an easy win (105-90). Donovan Mitchell made 13 of 20 shots (34 points).

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