Artist InkOj invests the wall of the Mozin college lobby to create a fresco on Trouville

Artist InkOj works on his fresco. ©Aurelia Hodgé

The smell of spray paint took over last week Mozin college lobbyhour Trouville sur Mer (Calvados). Accustomed to welcoming students for moments of relaxation, play and sharing, or administrative groups for their meetings, this central room is, as Senior Assistant Leticia Demimuid notes, “the biggest in the college.” Nicholas Soulabail aka InkOjAristocrat of Rouen.

Originally from Rouen, artist Nicolas Soulabail aka InkOj took over the foyer of Mozin college to create a fresco on Trouville.
Originally from Rouen, artist Nicolas Soulabail aka InkOj took over the foyer of Mozin college to create a fresco on Trouville. ©Le Pays d’Auge / M.-M. Bülovçu

On a large wall, with his bombs, he a view found, between patterns and designs, with numerous details. A few meters away from the wall where his fresco is located, four young schoolgirls Ysalin, Luisa, Zelia and Gasparda from the hostel struggling with the column help to give it life and color in InkOj style. “It allows you to create a harmonious whole,” smiled one of the young men.

InkOj helps Ysalin, Louise, Zélia and Gaspard redecorate the column in the middle of the foyer.
InkOj helps Ysalin, Louise, Zélia and Gaspard redecorate the column in the middle of the foyer. ©Le Pays d’Auge / M.-M. Bülovçu

A fresco that says a lot

“This fresco is designed in such a way that read across time and space“, explains the passionate artist. Thus, the reading of this fresco offers us the passage from La Touques to Trouville and the docks to the Black Rocks, passing the casino, the lighthouse, the boards and the beach. The nuances of the weather can be guessed differently, “gray and sunny weather”, the rising sun and the setting sun, alternating between high tide and low tide, at the same time bring us to the different eras of Trouville: from the Vikings to the palace of Trouville.

“This fresco is designed in such a way that it can be read in time and space.” ©Le Pays d’Auge / M.-M. Bülovçu

Looking closely at this mural, you can also see fishing and mackerel fishing, authors and artists who have made their mark on the city, waves, umbrellas, and even seagulls and seagulls flying overhead. “The only constant in all of this is the horizon,” smiled InkOj, expressing the many stories hidden in the mural’s details. “What I like is that it tells a story, not just animation.” Very informative graphic game. “It’s really great and very rich, it teaches students a lot,” enthuses College Principal Christine Courtey.

The last fresco.
The last fresco. ©Le Pays d’Auge / M.-M. Bülovçu

Collaboration with college students

Born from the desire to prepare this project social education home office To give color to this room, the college and reconsider its decor, artists and college students visited Trouville-sur-Mer. This was followed by a workshop “for them to think about shapes, colors, symbols that represent Trouville”. Thus, in his work, we find many words that they quote themselves: seagull, seagull, sun umbrella, chaise longue. “And then I mixed it with other elements,” adds the artist, driven by a desire to work with college students. “It was so they could adapt the fresco,” he smiles Aurelia Hodge working with Nicolas for the administrative and educational part.

InkOj artist and hostel youth.
InkOj artist and hostel youth. ©Le Pays d’Auge / M.-M. Bülovçu

So, in addition to leading the preparatory workshop, the duo also made the teenagers think about the creation of the work this week. “The goal was also to make them understand how I created the work: I wanted them to understand everything I wanted to say about the composition.” An approach that won the approval of this “very dedicated” artist and educator, which initially convinced the college principal: “We have a whole department of cultural and artistic education, and we couldn’t think of a better way to explain it to them. the composition of the work and that nothing is done by accident”. A way to use your creativity, your eyes and your brain.

This cloth used had no soul, now it has one.

Christine Courtay

This work will also continue since Nicolas Soulabail graduated interior architecturehousehold planning tips for rethinking the decor of this room.

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