Where to parade by car in Paris after France-Morocco?

Because football brings out passions and because football is never just a sport, the France-Morocco semi-final will go down in history. On and off the field. Regardless of the outcome, fans in Paris and the entire Ile-de-France, the region with the largest population of dual citizens and Moroccan immigrants, should be celebrating the outcome of the already historic match in the streets tonight.

Morocco head coach Si Walid Regraqui, who was born in Corbeil-Essonnes (Essonne) and holds dual citizenship, called for avoiding explosions similar to those in Belgium after the Atlas Lions’ 2-0 victory over the Red Devils. the various prefectural ordinances are still unlikely to dampen the joy of such a symbolic World Cup semi-final. How to feel the collective excitement and breathe the gases of happiness? To avoid getting bogged down in monster traffic jams, 20 minutes recommends an alternative way to make screams and sounds.

Is fake Champs-Elysées a good idea?

Saturday evening in Paris, even before France-England, there were fireworks and horns all over Paris and Ile-de-France. At the origin of this joy? Moroccan supporters celebrate as the first African team to qualify for the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup. Motorcades of up to 20,000 people often converged on the Champs-Elysées to celebrate the Moroccan, then French, specialty, according to authorities.

But tonight 20 Smart Minutes It advises against the world’s most famous avenue for obvious reasons of traffic jams and safety risks. For now, 2,000 police officers should be concentrated there, as opposed to 1,200 on Saturday, unless the Champs Elysées is closed as expressly requested by Jeanne d’Hauteserre, LR mayor of the 8th arrondissement. Football fans have no real interest in gathering there to avoid tear gas or even unwanted arrests, Paris police headquarters also announced increased surveillance at metro 1 and RER A stations, with privileged access to the avenue. . Similarly, from 10 p.m., access to the roundabout at Porte de la Muette, Porte Maillot, Porte des Ternes, Porte Dauphine and Porte de Champerret will be closed.

From Mantes to Seine-Saint-Denis

On the other hand, attacking travel from Mantes-la-Jolie, where a third of its 43,000 inhabitants are Moroccan or of Moroccan descent, is an ideal option. The giant screen in Hall 5 of the Parc des Expositions will broadcast France-Morocco from 8 o’clock. As for the previous rounds, there is no doubt that the atmosphere will rise. Val-d’Oise of Yvelines predicts that French-Moroccan, to be exact, will join Gusainville, where the unlabeled mayor Abdelaziz Hamida plans a giant screen for “an extraordinary match” at the Nelson-Mandela gymnasium. columns Parisian. “Anyway, I’ll be in the final,” he adds. Therefore, whatever the outcome of the meeting, there will be a celebration.

Screenshot of the Mappy website, on the route recommended by “20 Minutes Futé”. – Mappy website screenshot

Then, the forced transition by the department of Seine-Saint-Denis, where the promotion is not a common measure around the departure of the Moroccan team. One can pass Le Bourget, where the match will be broadcast at the town hall, then a stop at Pantin, where the Sand Fabrik offers a French-Moroccan covered beach, feet in the sand. After the Moroccans’ victory against Portugal on Saturday, fireworks were set off in the center, on avenue Jean-Lolive, during a car ballet display with Moroccan flags flying in the wind.

A passage from Paris before heading to Essonne!

Then head to Villiers-sur-Marne (Val-de-Marne), where the town hall has chosen to install a giant screen in the middle of the Christmas market, before heading to Paris in the 5th arrondissement for a crossing in front of the Institute. of the Arab world. France and Morocco, a powerful symbol of ties between Europe and the Arab world, should logically be blaring the horns after tonight’s match.

Traffic and works around Austerlitz station permitting 20 minutes Smart He recommends stopping by the Maison du Maroc, near Parc Montsouris, in the Cité internationale, where the match is broadcast and where students can cast their votes. Finally, it’s hard not to visit Corbeil-Essonnes, the birthplace of Moroccan coach Walid Regraghi, who should be celebrated as a hero no matter what. At a press conference on Tuesday, he reaffirmed that “football is now a way to bring people together, to send positive messages. For Moroccans, Africans growing up in France, it should be a party, whether we win or lose, it’s just football. Joy and horns!

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