Car / Logo. Lancia announces its return to 2024 and unveils its new logo

1911, the Lancia logo sets the foundation for the future. Spear and helm symbolizing the brand. Lancia pictures

This new logo will be available at dealerships and on the brand’s future models: the new Ypsilon and the future Delta. Mainly inspired by the 1957 logo first introduced on the Lancia Flaminia, the new logo is very simple, almost empty.

The brand’s communication prefers to speak of an “authentic piece of jewelry that is very classic in its aesthetics, where elements of simplicity and graphic purity meet elements of preciousness in terms of colors, materials and finishes.”

A logo inspired by the past

The new logo revisits all the distinctive elements of the historic logo: the wheel, the flag, the shield, the spear and the inscription, reinterpreted to make them modern and project into the future. All these brand building blocks are symbols of Lancia nobility and heritage, now simplified in both lines and shape.

The new logo should express the spirit of innovation and premium. A bold bet, with chrome as the classic side of the logo, contrasting with all the “flat design” logos of the competition. But the new Lancia is also undergoing a revised brand identity.

This post is inspired by luxury brands.  Lancia pictures

This post is inspired by luxury brands. Lancia pictures

A new identity

The new Lancia lettering inherits the original font. By the manufacturer’s own admission, it draws inspiration directly from major luxury and fashion brands.

Pointing to the future of the brand, this new letter seems to be taken directly from a perfume or bag brand. A choice that, according to brand communicators, should make Lancia “desirable, sustainable and always modern”.

But what is a brand identity without a model? Lancia is answering this question by currently working on the design of future and future models.

We can find these round lights in the next production models of Lancia.  Lancia pictures

We can find these round lights in the next production models of Lancia. Lancia pictures

Pu+Ra Design

Lancia Pu+Ra Design, an abbreviation of the words “Pure” and “Radical”, is the name of Lancia’s new stylistic language and will define what the brand’s future cars will be.

So far, the brand has been content with presenting a wheelless, doorless and bulky concept car far from the automotive world: the Lancia Pu+Ra Zero. But it’s clear that you’ll have to read between the lines of the press release and the concept car to understand what future Lancias will look like.

What will future Lancias look like?

Capturing the essence of the brand’s new design, the “three-dimensional manifesto” Lancia Pu+Ra Zero introduces the future front end that will be found on the next Ypsilon. A reinterpretation of Lancia’s historic grille, now projected into the future via three beams of light to project it into the future.

The purpose of this new grille is clear: to give Lancia a unique identity and make the three future models instantly recognizable day and night. The new Lancia inscription above the “cup” will sign the brand’s future productions.

This logo will be found on future sales points and models.  Lancia pictures

This logo will be found on future sales points and models. Lancia pictures

A long wait

Inside, Lancia promises a design inspired by Italian furniture to welcome the customer “at home” in a cocoon made of recyclable materials. At the end of this Lancia Design Day, we are left confused. A new logo, a new grille, a new font and a lot of marketing talk do not leave a mark.

We’ll have to wait until 2024 for the first model, the replacement for the Ypsilon, to appear, then at least 2028 for the upcoming Delta, the last of the three models to be announced. Unfortunately, it’s too far, too long for a brand that can no longer speak to many people.

It’s hard to say what the future holds for the brand, but Lancia is back and this new, highly symbolic identity represents the first step in a very long journey.

By choosing to place Lancia in the premium segment alongside DS and Alfa-Romeo, which started from far, far away, Stellantis is making a bold bet.

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