Ban on polluting cars in Bordeaux: elected officials defend ZFE light

The ZFE must operate in Bordeaux until January 1, 2025. (© Illustration / / Nicolas Gosselin)

The subject is poignant because it is directly relevant More than 300,000 drivers in the Gironde. By 2025 more polluting cars will not have the right to drive inside the Bordeaux ring road.

This ban, the big cities of France a low emission zone (ZFE) in its territory combats air pollutionis responsible 40,000 deaths annually in FranceIncluding 600 within the perimeter of the Bordeaux metropolitan area.

If the legal obligation is dictated by the government, local authorities still have the power to choose its contours; that is, it is up to them to choose the criteria for EPZ (application area and timeImplementation of related tools subsidies…).

The opposition group proposes 12 key measures

“If there’s one non-negotiable topic, it’s the perimeter.”, claims Christophe Duprat, mayor of Saint-Aubin-de-Médoc and member of the metropolitan council, former vice-president in charge of transport. For simplicity, intra-circle road sector reaches consensus In Metropolis. For other disciplines, the debate is more lively.

Together with colleagues opposition group Metropolitan Municipality(s).Bringing together 34 elected officials, including 11 mayors (right, center and related). list of suggestions. is summarized in 12 main events :

  • Establish ZFE points, which are a one-stop shop for help in all municipalities.
  • Communicate with trusted local practitioners.
  • Invite Keolis for a public transport alternative.
  • Create a ZFE Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Submit the yearly humiliating pass 12, which allows you to enter Metropolis.
  • Create a permanent humiliating pass for emergencies and health appointments.
  • Develop park and ride facilities.
  • Ban only Crit’Air NC, 5 and 4 vehicles in 2025.
  • Stock up in 2028/2029 and the ban can be extended to Crit’Air 3.
  • Help retrofit at the same rate as replacing a car.
  • Request Department and Region involvement.
  • Install more accurate air pollution sensors.

“I warned Alain Anziani that we have very serious proposals for him. I am sure that the president will agree with us on many issues,” smiles Patrick Bobet, his predecessor at the head of Metropolis and the mayor of Buscat.

Take Toulouse ZFE as an example

According to him, this topic can be “a new split point in the pink-green cluster”. According to rumors, in fact, socialists – Anziani, who fears a social uprising like the Yellow Vests, is the leader – will have supportersprogressive EPZIt doesn’t start with the pedal to the metal, one can imagine that environmentalists want to move faster in the fight against air pollution.

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In the Metropolis of Lyon for example, chaired by an elected EELV, the release of the diesel is announced for 2026. In Grenoble, where the metropolis is also run by an environmentalist, we even advanced the deadline to 2025. It won’t be the case in Bordeaux, almost certainly, but it sets the trend.

The public is invited to provide feedback on the ZFE

A general public consultation to survey the population began in November and will continue until the first half of 2023. To contribute, you must visit the Bordeaux Métropole website.

Making your own suggestions, “rather than being in stupid and naughty opposition” The Métropole Commune(s) group was inspired by the ZFE in ToulouseDue in 2023, it owes two years to Bordeaux.

Degradative switching and time modulation

ideaA 12-day annual pejorative pass Coming from the Pink City, where Metropolis voted in favor of the humiliating passage … 52 days! Or one day a week.

During the “yellow vest” crisis, we realized that around a rich metropolis we have a high poverty periphery. We thought of this ticket for people who go to Bordeaux a few times a year for a birthday party, a restaurant, shopping or to see a show. Bordeaux is the cultural center of the department, it should not be forgotten.

Christophe Duprat

As in Toulouse again, the elected officials of the Métropole Commune(s) want to propose. Help to change your car up to 7000 euros (in addition to state aid) for the lowest income families.

Talence mayor Emmanuel Sallaberry said, “In Toulouse, assistance is on average about 3,000 euros,” adding that he wants counters to be set up with counselors to support residents in their procedures. . for the repair bonus.

Crit’Air 3 would not be threatened until 2029

The latter, moreover, the subsidies are not only related to the purchase of Crit’Air 0 vehicles (electric vehicles) or Crit’Air 1 (gas, plug-in hybrids or gasoline registered since 2011), but also Crit’Air 2- wishes to receive .

Crit'Air Miniatures
Crit’Air Miniatures (Screen shot of ©EMS document)

“We want too conversion to bioethanol, retrofitting or even leasing clean vehicles with a contribution towards the first and last rent,” adds the elected official.

Opposition politicians, on the other hand, like the majority, who are favorable to the progress of ZFE, wish to go through the stages more slowly. “Parting Point Crit’Air 3”, they analyze in unison. Indeed, if the Crit’Air 3 is still put into circulation, we are talking about a ban on around 150,000 cars in the Gironde. The number easily doubles if the Crit’Air 3 is denied access to the in-ring lane.

“We recommend not including Crit’Air 3 when building ZFE in 2025 and to guarantee that this will be the case until at least 2029 to allow people to buy Crit’Air 2 vehicles with a guarantee that they will keep their cars for at least five years, explains Christophe Duprat. And in 2028/2029 we will look at whether we can include Crit’Air 3. »

“If the action is too brutal, we go straight into the wall”

Elected representatives of the Metropolitan Municipality(s) are in favor of modulation, another environmental asset that will cause a “30% loss in health”. That is, they want ZFE applies only on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm.

“People who work at night don’t have a public transport solution and cycling is a bordello-centric solution,” Emmanuel Sallaberry justifies. A less efficient public transport offer is also chosen for the weekend than during the week. But not only…

“Non-resident traders, especially local producers who come to the markets of our municipalities, sometimes have old vans and do not always have the opportunity to invest in clean vehicles. On the one hand, we cannot want to promote better food and at the same time we cannot work against it”, – believes the mayor of Talence.

From a general point of view, members of the Métropole Commune(s) group say they want to be “pragmatic”: “If the event comes too suddenly, we go straight into the wall. We have to think about the acceptability of this new device. Punitive ecology has never worked. »

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