RN niche: Marine Le Pen and the art of consensus!

Constructive niche against the Republican dam! Those expecting a National Rally on immigration and security may be disappointed. This Tuesday, December 6, at 9 a.m., Marine Le Pen called the press to the National Assembly to present the bills that the RN group will present to parliament on January 12.

Encourage companies to increase net wages by 10%, abolish low-emission mobility zones, accept the bill aimed at the reintegration of unvaccinated carers by LFI MP Caroline Fiat, extend the right of parliamentarians to visit health, school uniform … RN varies between urgent measures and inconvenient hunting in the area. In particular, the restoration of Caroline Fiat’s text would not only not allow RN to honor the promise, but would also put LFI in an unenviable position. The Insoumis must either withdraw their bid to avoid being associated with Marine Le Pen’s party, or prefer action to dogmatic positions. Nice calculation. Starting with the restoration of Bill 372, already voted by the Senate and passed by Emmanuel Tache de la Pagerie, Deputy RN for Bouches-du-Rhône, which aims to create a universal emergency service for victims of domestic violence. . That proposal was coincidentally withdrawn early next year in favor of a non-niche review. “I’m glad RN is acting as a catalyst for such a dramatic topic”the deputy Tache de la Pagerie rejoices.

No insecurity and no immigration?

Would the RN’s two manpower stay in the shed? “The immigration law will be discussed in the Assembly and we will participate in the discussions”, said Marine Le Pen at the press conference. President Le Pen took the floor during a question-and-answer session that saw the government questioning the government over the drama “War of the Machetes” Suffered by Mayotte, who became the Northern MP “To approximate what can happen with the whole country. Uncontrolled immigration that burdens and even suffocates our public services.”, he told Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne. If the RN has been searching for its balance point in previous weeks, it is clear that it has found a point away from any divisive topics. Regarding security only PPL: carried out by deputy Mickaël Taverne. Member of 12e A constituency in the North wants to introduce a presumption of self-defense for law enforcement agencies. But this text, placed last in chronological order, will have little chance of being studied in the allotted time.

His opponents were trapped in the consensus

It must be said. All proposals made by RN within the framework of the parliamentary nest are quite consensual. Like any other method of forcing their opponents to choose between ideology and the common good. Thus, if Caroline Fiat’s bill (LFI) restores caregivers and is accepted by the deputy of Aude Frédéric Falcon, NUPES finds itself in trouble. “Many MPs are pressuring him to withdraw his text”It seems that a deputy of RN is happy. “He would allow it at least Does LFI know how to put aside its sectarianism for the good of our fellow citizens?Var welcomes Laure Lavalette, who will defend the extension of the right of parliamentarians to visit health facilities. “During the presidential campaign of Marine Le Pen, I realized how important this topic is for her. Furthermore, various reports of widespread maltreatment in health care facilities, particularly in EHPADs, indicate the relevance of such a proposal.Spokesman of the RN group in the National Assembly says Var.

The line is clear for the RN: continue to vote or vote in the direction of the common interest, regardless of the political color of the author of the texts. “I voted without cutting my nose for texts from La France insoumise”Tache de la Pagerie says. And maybe they will push the other oppositions and the relative majority out of the woods either by blocking them or by opposing them in principle. Another way to be constructive without colluding with Emmanuel Macron.

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