New electronic music festival downtown this winter

On February 17th and 18th, downtown Trois-Rivières will host a new festival of music, electronic culture and innovation: ArtikFest. In the program: DJ concerts, musical entertainment and rides on the Ferris wheel.

Produced by the FestiVoix team, this event will showcase international Canadian electro DJs and offer completely free programming. The program will be announced on December 14.

ArtikFest is intended to be a celebratory and inclusive event that will celebrate the electronic music scene while promoting various aspects of electronic culture in a broad sense through programming that will focus on technology and innovation.

“This new event will energize the city center and warm us in the middle of winter,” says Geneviève Dallaire, president of the FestiVoix board of directors. ArtikFest will appeal to families as much as electro music fans. »

“Winter is the time we want to occupy” – Thomas Grégoire

“Even in winter, it is important to have events. Thomas Grégoire, general manager of Trois-Rivières FestiVoix and ArtikFest continues, electro music fans are a potential customer in the region and present in Trois-Rivières, which has nothing to do with FestiVoix. In Quebec and Canada, there are electronic music fans everywhere, all generations united. It also gives us a stronger artistic dimension. This is a whole universe that we will create. »

The site will open at 3pm on Friday 17 February and at 11am the following day, welcoming all families to enjoy the Ferris Wheel for free and musical entertainment. In the evening, electro artists will go one after the other on the stage of the harbor park. It should also be noted that some bars in the city center will present shows from 23:00.

The main area will be at the end of the port park. The stage will be surrounded by a scaffolding structure on which video and visual animations can be projected. About 2000 people will be able to gather inside the structure. It will be possible to participate in demonstrations outside the structure.

Fireplaces, tables, food trucks and a spinning wheel.

“We want to invest abroad. Sure, you should dress warmly, but it also makes for an exciting experience for customers. I also believe that the connection with the river should be appreciated in winter, says Thomas Grégoire. We are very excited about this event. »

Encourage innovation

ArtikFest also wants to go beyond the cultural framework by offering a wide multidisciplinary program combining concerts, seminars, conferences, open day activities and meetings focused on e-culture, in cooperation with various actors of the cultural and entrepreneurial environment. innovation.

The mission of the event is to draw the attention of the city of Trois-Rivières over the weekend to show all the innovations that are happening here.

“Trois-Rivières is an innovative community through its events and cultural organizations, but also through its businesses, university and schools. Innovation is everywhere in this city, and we would like people from outside to discover it as well,” says Thomas Grégoire.

“Like a Christmas present! »

In the eyes of Daniel Rioux, tourism coordinator of Innovation and Economic Development (IDÉ) Trois-Rivières, ArtikFest proves to be an interesting event in the context of more daring events in winter after the end of the Polar Nights. a few years old.

“It’s like a Christmas present that comes a few weeks before Christmas. This is the second winter event announced in as many weeks. When I arrived in 2017, we saw that there was a lot of activity in the summer and the hotels were full, but the rest of the year it was a bit more difficult, Mr. Rioux emphasizes. I think I have everything to be successful. »

“A few years ago there were meetings with the city of Trois-Rivières and the promoters of the event, but it was difficult because there are huge financial risks in securing funding. It’s like that for any event, but it’s fivefold in winter,” he said.

ArtikFest’s budget will be $600,000, including a grant from Heritage Canada.

“This is the tourist and cultural offer we need at this quiet time of the year. This will allow Trois-Rivières to stand out with this event,” adds Daniel Cournoyer, Acting Mayor of Trois-Rivières.

Organizing such an outdoor event in mid-February has its own logistical challenges. The FestiVoix team sought advice from the IglooFest Festival team in Montreal. “We immediately think about cold management. There are all the mechanisms that need to be thought about, such as the drinks to be served to the people, the cold resistance of the materials. You also have to imagine the possible temperatures,” says Mr Grégoire.

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