How to request an exemption to enter the ZFE from January 1, 2023

From January 1, 2023, Crit’Air 5 or non-Crit’Air vehicles will no longer have the right to drive in the Eurometropolis low-emission zone. It launches an online platform for exemption requests.

For drivers traveling with or without a Crit’Air 5 car, the date 1 January 2023 is circled in red. From that day on, they will not have the right to drive in the low emission zone of Eurometropolis.

A few days before this ban comes into force, the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg is launching an online platform to collect requests to remove the restrictions.

Some exceptions are established by law and are permanent, while others are established by the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg for a (renewable) period of up to three years.

These national exceptions are defined by law. No exemptions are required for these vehicles. These primarily concern vehicles of general interest: police, gendarmerie, customs, firefighters, ambulances, intervention vehicles of Electricité de Strasbourg, SNCF surveillance service or even fund carriers of the Bank of France.

These include vehicles with a “mobility inclusive” card from the Ministry of Defense and “Parking for the disabled”.

Finally, these mandatory exemptions also apply to low-emission public transport and vehicles with an equivalent autonomy of more than fifty kilometers in all-electric mode in the city.

The placement of this ZFE is making people nervous and some experts worried. After several consultations, Eurometropolis decided to introduce additional local exceptions. Ttemporary and for a maximum period of 3 years, they must be justified.

For example, they can refer to vehicles supplying the markets of the various municipalities located in the territory of the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, vehicles designated for the transport of dangerous goods or even dump trucks or water tanks.

Washing machines, vacuum cleaners and motorhomes can also fall into this category, as do vehicles used in the context of action or filming.

Each individual request must be submitted at by the end of 2022.

This is the simplest and fastest procedure for anyone who travels infrequently in Eurometropolis. He should have done it first allow any car run for 24 hours 12 times a year. The measure was eventually relaxed and increased 24 times during the year.

Before any procedure, it is important to register the vehicle at the platform marked with its gray card as a valid document. The ZFE 24h Pass is issued as 24 tickets that can be used in a calendar year, each valid for one day only.

A one-day pass is being activated 15 minutes before the start of any validity. This verification is automatic and immediate. With each new year, the motorist is recalculated with 24 passes without taking any concrete steps.

According to the latest figures, the number of Crit’Air 5 vehicles in circulation in Eurometropolis is 2% of vehicles: 3159 private cars and 669 commercial vehicles. Due to the entry into force of the ZFE, Crit’Air 5 owners can be accompanied by an application to the climate agency.

They will be able to create a mobility account, a kind of digital wallet, to help unlock other travel experiences (biking, public transport, car sharing). Agents will explain to them how they can benefit from conversion assistance.

To date, 1,700 meetings have been scheduled with the climate agency. 750 requests for conversion assistance and 60 mobility account requests are ongoing.

From January 1, 2023, the Crit’Air 5 will no longer be in circulation, but despite all this, do not panic: Pia Imbs, president of Strasbourg Eurometropolis, assures that it will.not until at least mid-2024, or several checks“The control and sanctioning mechanisms that should be provided by the state will not be ready.

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