NBA. Boston confirms in the East, Anthony Davis fired with the Lakers … Summary of the night

Two days after being stunned by Miami at TD Garden, Boston was as immediate as it was authoritarian as the Nets rallied (103-92) after a torturous start to the championship, and seemed a little excited about the four-game series. consecutive victories.

So the C’s tried to bring them back to reality, a conference completely dominated by last practice’s finalist. To symbolize this situation, images of Brown (34 points, 10 rebounds, 4 blocks) and Tatum (29 points, 11 rebounds) haunted Kevin Durant until they took turns stealing from him for 48 seconds. money in time.

“KD” did not deserve it (31 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists), but the aggressive defense of his coat pushed him to eight turnovers. Kyrie Irving’s poor performance was unusual for his team at the end of the game (18 points, 8 rebounds).

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22/30 on shots

Enough to open the nets at No. 8, where the Cavs (No. 3) were penalized, two points ahead of the resurgent Cleveland (92-81) Knicks, who have lost four of five games at Madison Square Garden. because of his clumsiness (34.9% shooting success).

Meanwhile, Anthony Davis continued to walk on water in Washington two days after his 44 points in Milwaukee, where he won a titanic duel with Giannis Antetokounmpo (40 points).

With impressive efficiency (22/30 shooting), he finished four units off his personal best (59 points in 2016 vs. New Orleans vs. Detroit) and added 15 rebounds and 3 blocks.

In his shadow, but not by much, LeBron James contributed big (29 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists) against the Wizards, who were without the injured Bradley Beal early and trailed by as many as 29. followed by Kristaps Porzingis (27 points) before getting as close as 9 in the final quarter.

Finally reborn after a lackluster start to the season, the Lakers picked up their 8th win in 10 games, but it leaves them in 12th position in the West, proving that the road to the playoffs is still a long way off.

Alvarado is insufferable

If top-of-the-conference Phoenix easily won in San Antonio (133-95) for its seventh win in eight games, thanks to Deandre Ayton (10/14, 25 points on 10 rebounds), his Dolphins are now finding themselves. Let it be New Orleans.

Led by hot replacement Jose Alvarado, who scored 8/11 38 points from long range, the Pelicans actually finished second, defeating Denver (121-106).

The 24-year-old American-Puerto Rican, whose fierce fighting spirit on defense made him a constant poison for the opposition, turned the tide of a game that started poorly for New Orleans, which fell behind by 14 lengths in the first quarter. entered the floor. He then scored the next eight points for his instantly resurgent team.

Zion Williamson scored 25 points (9/17, 6 rebounds), which contributed to the success of his young and talented team.

Conversely, Nikola Jokic was prolific (32 points, 16 rebounds, 9 assists), but the reigning two-time MVP was the only player to float the Nuggets No. 3 with the same record (14-9) as Memphis (122-), who won Detroit. 112), especially thanks to Ja Morant (33 points, 10 assists).

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