Unusual. News Oise in the heart of La Tanyer, the “Walt Disney” of musicians

La Tanière is a complex dedicated to music in Bresles (Oise). (©The Lair)

Among many buildings Bresles industrial zone, reports The Lair. It promises a great showcase “studios, bars and concerts”. And the tone is set just by walking through the doors this shed reinstalled temple of music.

With him 3 training studioshis barmany weekly eventshis huge studio 500 m² shooting (with 100 m² mezzanine floor), his classroom, and all its scenic spots, La Tanière has potential. And many projects for 2023“The show must go on! »

“Walt Den of Musicians”

La Tanière is home to exercise studios, bars, concerts, music lessons, a consignment shop and so much more! (© Chloé Gaillard / News Oise)

It’s inside calm atmosphere and background music commit it music complex marks the first anniversaryExactly one year after its official opening on December 1, 2021.

located in the former laboratory of Bresles Sugar Refinery and Refinery (At 5 Rue Robert Desnos)The Lair is a complex dedicated to musiccovers more than 1300 m2. Musicians “Walt Disney, Walt Lair »he is having fun Anne-Marie Pereirawho set up the business.

Native Paris areaThe 50s tried to create it for the first time Tarmac Studio Near Roissy. After several rejections, he walks away from the party Picardy. The first visit will be good. “I fell in love with this place with great potential. I immediately predicted myself,” recalls Anne-Marie.

As for the baptismal name, La Tanière owes it to the syndrome of the same name. “Den’s syndrome, well suited to musicians. They like to hide and always come back to the same place,” he says.

Electric and Eclectic “Shelter”

From metal to zumba, through rock’n’roll and rap, La Tanière explores musical registers. This is what Anne-Marie wants to preach: “Here, the groups that come to practice mingle on the sofas, discuss together, build joint projects. I thought like La Taniere meeting place. »

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To literature, reading, drawing and of course Music trains a new entrepreneur as a teenager all forms of art. “Don’t get cold it gives me I want to share them with everyone! »

La Tanière has 3 rehearsal studios for musicians, all furnished.
La Tanière has 3 rehearsal studios for musicians, all furnished. (© Chloé Gaillard / News Oise)

For this, events are organized for the general public every week. of open stages (hard rock / metal, pop-rock, zouk / salsa, rap), DJ setsof karaokebut also photo exhibitions, theater improvisation courses and more recently, music lessons (piano, guitar, music theory lessons).

“Rock is my DNA”

with his strong character and his infectious sense of humorWho would have believed that Anne-Marie had a 30-year career bank ?! “Market research, business plans know me. But as managerit happened to be my favorite accompaniment Nation. Develop them into what they love! “, he assures.

Anne-Marie Pereira is the founder
Anne-Marie Pereira is the founder of “La Tanière” in Bresles (Oise). (©Anne-Marie Pereira / Facebook)

Not a “careerist” for a penny, neoisarian exposed to “work culture that changes with the arrival of new generations”. “The world is changing, not me”, he argues. The one who wants “be like everyone else” but who did not know “fits the mold” returned to their first love for music.

Trendy 90s pop rock and an unconditional admirer of Peter Gabriel, “his star”, assures Anne-Marie to be an “ear”. even if he had never studied music. In this adventure, he can rely on his assistant and musician Jeansand his faithful bulldog.

A year after its opening his musical haven, Anne-Marie even “have fun”, “good laugh”. It’s been the thing that’s gotten him the most attention since his debut “Spirit of solidarity and sharing” among artists, especially with “rockers and metalheads, incredible people.”

Concert hall and many other surprises

By 2023, it will take its place At La Taniere! Almost 80% complete concert hall “by measure 300 places and all related hardware” should see the light of day next spring.

Anne-Marie does to promote the study of music consignment shop for musical instruments. “Piano, guitar, drums, amp, violin, anything is welcome.”

In addition to three state-of-the-art practice studios for musicians, equipped with batteries, piano, amplifier, microphone and table, residence hall is also installed.

An adventure to watch very closely for everyonemusicians and music lovers Oise and Navarre. to wait let’s rock it guys!

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