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Four talented classical artists, trumpeter Lucienne Renaudin Vary, soprano Julie Fuchs, cellist Astrig Siranossian and harpist Marie-Domitille Murez, have recorded spectacular albums celebrating the end of 2022.

The magical voice of Lucienne Renaudin Varin

At the age of 23, with her fourth album, Lucienne Renaudin Vary has established herself as one of the most promising trumpeters of her generation. The Trumpet concerts de Hummel and de Haydn accompany a young woman from Sarte from childhood. Works that strengthen the desire to play with an orchestra. The brass sound of his instrument creates a magical dialogue with the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra conducted by Michael Sanderling. the baroque concert Johann Neruda, voice jazzy from Concert by Harry James, Armenian harmonies of Alexander Arutunya and a improvisation Complete this journey about Haydn, highlighted by the young virtuoso’s inventiveness.

Trumpet concertsWarner Classics, 12 tracks, 69 min.

Mozart’s Timbre by Julie Fuchs

A Mozartian at heart, Julie Fuchs presents a magnificent recital dedicated to Wolfgang Amadeus with her album. Ready. A disc about the Austrian composer’s love for sopranos. “The Mozart of Sincerity” Written with the orchestra of Balthasar Neumann conducted by Thomas Hengelbrock.

Soprano Julie Fuchs pays tribute to the heroes of Mozartian performance. | SONY CLASSIC

With grace and elegance, Julie Fuchs embodies her characters perfectly The Marriage of Figaroof magic flute, who’sAbduction from the palace and Zaida. A magnificent journey into the heart of human emotion, where the sparkling timbre of the French soprano reveals the depths of Mozart’s soul.

ReadySony Classical, 17 tracks, 63 min.

Cello song by Astrig Siranossian

Cellist Astrig Siranossian has always combined singing and playing the cello in his concerts. The intimacy between his musical instrument and the human voice is at its heart Solo duet. A recording that comes as a dialogue between the classical repertoire and the Armenian songs of his childhood.

Astrig Siranossia’s new album “Duo Solo” combines Bach and Armenian music. | ALPHA-CLASSIC

The fiery and poetic performance of his bow highlights it Suite No. 1 for solo cello By Johann Sebastian Bach. A masterpiece highlighted by melodies and popular dances celebrating nature, life and love. The works of Ligeti and Kodaly seal this union between music, which resonates with the same force in the artist’s heart.

Solo duetAlpha Classics, 17 tracks, 66 min.

The virtuoso harp of Marie-Domitille Murez

Trained in early music and modern harp, Marie-Domitille Murez chose to record Renaissance music for her first solo album. Laura It is a tribute to Laura Peverar, a great musician of the 16th centurye part of the century “Ladies of Ferrara”, virtuoso artists who enlivened the concerts of the great patrons.

“Laura”, the first solo album by the young harpist Marie-Domitille Murez. | GEMELLI FACTORY

Even if there is no party left, the young harpist presents a recital that reveals all aspects and styles of the compositions of the period. While listening a Toccataa canzona francesa or a Improvised leaves, we were captivated by the mysterious song of the harp. (Vincent Cressart)

LauraGemelli factory, 18 road, 66 min.

Star: Mylène Farmer

Song. We were sometimes left at the gates of Mylène Farmer’s esoteric imagination. And there, in this twelfth album, everything becomes clear to us. We hear his anxiety in his texts (“Times Are Dark/More Than Strange”), his sleepless nights (on the other hand), a love story that ends badly (Forever) is compensated by love poems invisible and To be me. But above all, even if the singer-songwriter is not fooled by the passage of time, a few songs of revival, hope (“But adventure is passing/Time on this earth is running short” ; “No More Time/Live Tight”).

Lots of sentences in a loud and clear voice. They are, above all, superbly set to music here by Woodkid, who delivers gentle symphonic pop, Archive offers two inspired tunes, Moby pulls two danceable pop-electro tunes, Aaron sings a beautiful song. It’s enough to fall under the spell of one of Mylène Farmer’s best albums. (Michel Troadec)

The effectStuffed Monkey, 14 tracks, 57 min.

Solo: Warhaus

Pop. A love breakup record is a genre unto itself. Examples? Blood on the roads by Bob Dylan, For Emma, ​​Forever Ago by Bon Iver. And thus Ha Ha Heartbreak Warhaus (ironic name). Behind this moniker, Maarten Devoldere, half of the Belgian duo Balthazar, signs his third solo album. So, more solo than before… He wrote most of the works in a hotel room in Palermo, where he tried to escape from the uncertainty of his soul. This definitely paints the songs in a melancholic tone, but never sad.

High-class orchestras mix piano, guitar and strings. With many musicians, everything was recorded in the old way. You can hear it in the patina of a slightly folk, sometimes soulful, often pop disc. Warhaus sings there in a deceptively indifferent voice. It can sometimes break, but it can also turn into a heated roar. Warhaus’s spleen becomes paler later, his music less dark. breakup album, Ha Ha Heartbreak it is also an invitation to fall in love again. (Philip Mathe)

Ha Ha HeartbreakPias, 10 tracks, 40 min.

Confirmation: Gaye Su Akyol

Psychological world. May Gaye Su Akyol be the Anatolian dragon who will sing in Turkish in the dance piece that gives the name to the fourth album of an artist’s cultural resistance against the Islamic-nationalism of the Turkish power. A majestic melancholy triumphs from the trumpet and piano in the third piece. Is he reading about his ex-boyfriend turned enemy or the evolution of his country? This uncertainty is everywhere in most of the texts of the artist who still lives in Istanbul.

If he knows all the codes of the Turkish psyche the sixtieth and the seventiethGaye Su Akyol, whose richness was rediscovered thanks to bands like Altın Gün, knows how to get out of his comfort zone. It combines hard garage blues and haunting ballads with the expected eastern-rock tones. This We are waking up to the truth in the mythological past that closes the album, it evokes temptations to create an alternative life in alcohol or digital universes and an inevitable return to reality. Ours look better with it. (Philip Richard)

Anatolian DragonGlitterbeat, 11 tracks, 43 min.

Productive: SCH

Rep. We know him as a fan of gangster movies. SCH also has a passion for big cars and speed. The Marseille rapper’s pen is working at full speed. He released seven projects in eight years, establishing himself as one of the most influential artists of his generation. The other side of the coin: expectations are rising.

AutobahnNamed after the German highway system, it is clearly not a masterpiece of his discography. The overall theme is less clear. The narration, his trademark, is less elaborate. A more diffuse musical universe. But the third most streamed French artist of 2021 had other dreams for it mix tape. At first there is a desire to return to pure rap with a Marseille touch, as in the songs FIBER and White Blue. And renewing itself by looking for new sounds Lilou Dallas and Actions, closes the project. In the end, SCH had fun and it shows. (Maxime Huteau)

AutobahnWarner Music, 14 tracks, 44 min.

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