LIVE. War in Ukraine: Russian economy will “collapse” due to oil price cap, Kyiv says

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Arrests after attempt to steal Banksy’s works in Ukraine

According to Sky News, several people who tried to steal Banksy’s work were arrested in Hostomel near Kyiv. The suspects were arrested while cutting a painting depicting a person in a bathrobe holding a fire extinguisher. The governor of the region, Oleksiy Kuleba, said that the wall was found in its entirety. Banksy has confirmed that he painted this and other graffiti in places where the fighting took place.


“The demand for Russian oil will continue”

Russia’s embassy in the United States believes that if the policy “reshapes” the free market, Russian oil will continue to be sold nonetheless. “Such measures will inevitably lead to increased uncertainty and impose higher costs on consumers for raw materials,” the embassy said on Telegram. And to add: “We are sure that the demand will continue even though Russian oil is at the level of 60 dollars per barrel.”

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Russian economy “will be destroyed”, Kyiv judges

Russian economy will be “destroyed” by limiting oil prices, Ukraine’s presidency is judging. “We always achieve our goal, and Russia’s economy will be destroyed, and it will pay for all its crimes and bear responsibility,” said Andriy Yermak, chief of staff of the Ukrainian presidency. The price of oil sold by Russia to the Western countries will be limited at the level of 60 dollars/barrel from the next few days, the countries of the European Union, and then the G7 countries, which agreed three days before the entry into force of the European Union. embargo.

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More than 7,000 explosive devices were defused near Kherson

According to the state emergency service of Ukraine, a total of 7,042 explosive devices were “removed and defused” from the Kherson region. Work to clear the area of ​​mines and other booby traps has been ongoing since Russia left the city last month. The rescuers of Ukraine said that they inspected an area of ​​about 700 hectares and 60 km of railway tracks. Authorities urge anyone returning to Kherson or the surrounding area to exercise extreme caution.

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Always heavier Russian losses

More than 90,000 troops, 280 planes, 263 helicopters… More than 9 months have passed since the start of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, according to Kyiv Independent estimates, and Russian casualties continue to mount.


Despite everything, the party in Kiev

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Mariupol cemetery continues to expand

According to satellite images released by the space technology company Makhar, the number of graves in one of the cemeteries in the city of Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine has increased dramatically. The first one dates back to March 29, and the other has more graves – to November 30, Kyiv Independent writes.


Canada has imposed sanctions on several companies in Iran

Canada has adopted a new round of sanctions against Iranian individuals and entities that help develop drones deployed by Russia in its war against Ukraine. The list of companies involved also includes Iran’s Baharistan Kishi, which helps produce the drones, and Safiran Airlines, which coordinates the flights of the military planes that deliver the drones, the report said. Kyiv Independent.

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“The EU is united and united with Ukraine”

In the coming days, the price of oil sold by Russia to the Western countries will be limited to $60 per barrel by the agreement of the European Union countries, then the G7 countries and Australia, three days after the agreement comes into force. European embargo. The Czech Presidency of the EU Council tweeted that “the EU remains united and stands in solidarity with Ukraine” and said that the decision will enter into force as soon as it is published in the Official Journal.


Moscow has postponed a planned meeting with Washington on nuclear disarmament

The United States said it was “disappointed” by Moscow’s decision to indefinitely postpone a planned meeting with Washington on inspections under the New Start treaty, the main nuclear disarmament deal. State Department spokesman Ned Price condemned Russia’s “sudden and unilateral” decision and said it was “absolutely wrong” to suggest that the United States was to blame for the postponement of the meeting, which was scheduled to be held in Cairo on November 29.



Biden has no plans to talk to Putin right now

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said the White House has clarified comments made by Joe Biden on Thursday, insisting that the US president “does not currently plan to discuss the Ukraine file” with Vladimir Putin. “And as (Mr. Biden) said, Putin has shown absolutely no interest in any dialogue — quite the opposite, in fact,” he said.

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