World Cup: Belgium, crash road…

Playing in the first round of the 2022 World Cup, Belgium exit Qatar prematurely at the end of a tournament Roberto Martinez’s squad never really entered. Between the managers in charge and the electric atmosphere inside, the Red Devils have sunk and a new era is now essential.

Thierry Henry comforts a distraught Lukaku…

Three games, no successful performances in the game, four measly points and then it’s gone… Belgium’s 2022 World Cup won’t really last long, and all the promise shown in recent years has visibly evaporated. Still, the red devils’ golden generation won’t win anything.

To make matters worse, Eden Hazard and his gang failed to star this time around in a tournament they never really entered.

Leaders without subscribers…

In Qatar, the team led by Kevin De Bruyne, Thibaut Courtois and Yuri Tielemans, who performed brilliantly for their respective clubs, failed miserably and were immediately punished. After a very disappointing but winnable match against Canada (1-0), Belgium sank against Morocco (0-2), and missed the boat with Croatia (0-0) on Thursday. And the observation in these three matches is clear: the managers failed. It used to be betterAfter this early exit from the World Cup, the daily Le Soir summarizes the edition.

Let’s take examples. Against Morocco, Courtois was unstoppable and conceded at least one goal. The aging defensive tandem of Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld struggled throughout the contest, while De Bruyne, who was expected to be in charge, proved mixed and transparent. Symbolically, Hazard was sent to the bench for the final match against Croatia, while Romelu Lukaku, hampered by injury before the tournament, made a valuable and disastrous introduction with three almost incomprehensible passes. Frames control it.

Funny atmosphere

In terms of sport, Belgium failed to live up to expectations or confirm progress after an exceptional 2018 World Cup marked by a historic 3rd place finish. But internally, the problem was clearly not limited to a poor performance on the ground. Some tensions between the chief executives were evident. The atmosphere in the locker room? All this fuss during this World Cup was completely unnecessary. We behaved like children, not like men. When we should have reacted constructively and positively, we didn’t. We continued to sinkRight-back Thomas Meunier lamented on BeIN Sports on Thursday, with Hazard and Courtois appearing at a press conference to put out the fire that started a few days ago.

The same Courtois who appeared to agree with Meunier’s words also insisted that the Belgian team may not deserve all the boxes they have collected in recent years. Dore, it’s a bit hard to say you won’t win anything. We are not a golden generation, we are a generation with a lot of talent, great players all over Europe. We showed in Russia that we are Belgians who play good football. Today and the Euros, we weren’t ourselves, which is a bit of a shame. We will see in March what will happen, who will stay and who won’tblew the Real Madrid goalkeeper into the air in the mixed zone.

Youth is knocking on the door

Over the next few months, changes will inevitably be needed to get the machine up and running again. Initially, coach Roberto Martinez decided to step down after six years of good and loyal service. To replace him, the Thierry Henry-Thomas Vermaelen duo will provide, at least temporarily, and the Frenchman looks set to secure the Spaniard’s succession in time, L’Equipe reveals. In the workforce, too, the end of an era is approaching, and some drivers may opt out. I don’t know if I can continue. I have given everything for the national team for 15 years. I will talk to my family about itAlderweireld assumed.

Yes, we should turn the page, but what does that mean? Fire all guys over 30? Or over 27? What is an old player? What is being young? Getting old and playing for a big club? being young and playing in an average club? There are actually a lot of parameters that come into play, added Meunier. However, Belgium should not lose all hope. Far from it. Not least because some of the executives will still be old enough to compete in major international competitions in the coming years, but above all because a very encouraging young man is knocking on the door. Jrmy Doku and Rennes Arthur Theate, Anderlecht center back Zeno Debast or even Milan and Lens, Charles de Ketelaere and the new Belgian defender embodied by Los Openda strikers have some great assets to push forward!

Do you think the golden age of Belgian selection is over? Do you believe that young talents like Doku or Openda can revive the Red Devils in the coming months? Add a comment

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