The best MMO soundtrack of 2022

Years ago, Justin from MOP listened to hundreds—no, probably thousands—of MMO music tracks to narrow this theme down to a few winners. Obviously, it was too much work for one person, so last year we chose to make it a team effort at Massively Overthinking. I asked our writers to identify their favorite musical score, track or composer of 2022, ideally something or someone notable in 2022, with some bonus YouTube videos to drive home the result. What was the best MMO soundtrack of 2022?

.Andre Ross (@listen): Nothing made my toes tickle this year from good MMO music, though as an honorable mention, Splatoon 3 Anarchy Rainbow gets the real attention during Splatfest, though there’s a lot going on in the Splat series. Also, Pokemon Go The first 30 seconds of Ultra Beast Raid’s music is really creepy and puts you in the mood to fight poke-aliens.

Brianna Royce (@nbriannablog): If I had to pick one piece, it would be X’s Guild wars 2 Soundtrack to the Grammy-nominated film End of Dragons: What Began Return. I get the Last of the Mohicans quivering great; it sounds cinematic and it is. Please play at my funeral. But to be honest, it’s a small piece and you could take a random selection from the soundtrack and you’d be right to call it the MMO track of the year. It’s really fantastic.

Carlo Lacsina (@UltraMudkipEX, YouTube, Twitch): It’s easy! Literally had to be the only MMO track I listened to this year Endwalker from Final Fantasy XIV Feet song. It’s a very inspirational song and it really hits in a different way if you’ve ever played it. FFXIV last 10 years.

But although it was very beautiful, I can never forget it Guild Wars Twilight thread (yes, I know it’s not from 2022). Always listen regularly. This soaring scale with the horn gives the feeling of an epic finale. There is a sense of finality At night As the Flameseeker Prophecies story comes to an end. of course north eye is the last one Guild Wars 1 The game, however, has to build Guild wars 2 rather than completing the story. Therefore, it is appropriate to have this sense of finality Night falls soundtrack.

Chris Neel (@wolf eyesblog): Till the depth separates us from us Splatoon 3. Splatoon’s the music is almost always over the top, but this song played during the game’s main Splatfest events is one of the best the series has ever produced. The melodic bridge to the melodic section is one of the greatest tonal progressions I’ve heard in video game music.

The runners-up (yes, I know he asked for a song, but I need to greenlight more) will be a remake of Jungle. Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sun and from the On Blade’s Edge mid-boss theme Endwalker from Final Fantasy XIV.

Colin Henry (@ChaosConstant): Surely it should be Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons soundtrack. I’m a big fan of anything that mixes familiar and unconventional instruments, like synths with a standard orchestra or voice samples or instruments that most people haven’t heard of, and that’s something to watch out for on a soundtrack. From the moment you walk in, you know it’s going to be a wonderful musical journey. There are fun and relaxing tracks like Tengu Village, intense soundscapes like Alone in this Metropolis and great battle music like Unwanted Visitors. Most of all, I was blown away by Soo-Wo’s meta-boss “The Cycle Ends” epic score, and the credits in “A World Without You” are equally masterful.

Not really Eod soundtrack in its own right, but another reason why the music in this expansion is great: make sure you pay attention to the music when tackling the final story boss or the Harvest Temple holiday mission. (Spoilers: As each Elder Dragon fights their Dragon Void manifestation, the music becomes that Elder Dragon’s battle theme. It’s easy to miss, but it’s a very nice touch and makes the battle really dynamic.
Well done Maclaine Diemer and her team!)

The music in Guild Wars 2 has always been good, but this soundtrack showed real development and creativity. Be sure to check out our interview with Diemer earlier this year!

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvreblog): I mean, this year is definitely full of fireworks Final Fantasy XIV, but at this point it’s not even unusual, is it? But you can’t forget tracks like the exceptional Scream (not even the final boss theme for this part of Abyssos), In The Balance (which it is). does final boss theme for Aglaia) and the ethereal, soothing pilgrimage that plays throughout this raid. And not all music this year is like that. Seriously, Soken is on another level.

Justin Olivetti (@syrupblog): While I haven’t had time to properly assess the mountain of new music coming this year, there are certainly some highlights. Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons The expansion was masterfully designed by Maclaine Diemer and company. Lord of the Rings Online: Before the Shadow may be composer Bill Champa’s best work to date and Floating embers I was blown away by James Stratton-Crawley’s score. I dig a lot too World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Main topic.

I wish (@thesamkash): I’ll swallow it, but that won’t stop me from contributing! I don’t pay much attention to music in games. I usually put music on my speakers while playing games. But when The end of dragons when it launched, I checked out the soundtrack to see if it was worth buying outright. So here is my answer!

Tyler Edwards (blog): If you’re spending time of the new world community, you’ll hear an almost constant refrain: “Whatever they paid the composer for this game, it’s not enough.” And it’s true. This game has the best video game soundtrack I’ve heard in a long time. The Summer Medleyfaire event stands out for its really great tunes:

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