COLLECTIONS: STORIES, FICTIONS, FICTION Capc Musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux, December 8, 2022, Bordeaux.

COLLECTIONS: STORIES, FANTASY, FIREWORKS December 8 and 9 Capc Musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux
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The symposium was conceived by Capc in partnership with the National Center for Plastic Arts (Cnap), following a long-term collaboration between the two institutions.

Capc Bordeaux Museum of Modern Art 7, rue Ferrère Chartrons – Grand Park – Public Garden Bordeaux 33000 Gironde Nouvelle-Aquitaine [{« link »: « »}, {« link »: « »}]
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Assuming that any museum inherits a set of historical, scientific and visual standards and biases that are not neutral and shape our collective imagination; and starting with the observation that our Western museums’ Eurocentric, masculinist and exclusionary modernist collections are inherently problematic, the exhibition Tour of the day in four worlds suggested that other narratives of more open and speculative art were not only possible, but above all necessary. Indeed, public collections should register the transition to a polyphonic world and shed light on a group of artists who, for various reasons, have been undervalued or overlooked by art history due to genre or geographic origin.

This exceptional meeting will bring together researchers, artists, institute directors, French and international personalities of the art world for two days. Through various intervention formats (conferences, workshops, case studies, talks and performances), the talk will be about interrogating new forms of narrative that allow us to reassess the approach and history of heritage today and more. of government agencies.

Symposium Collections: stories, fictions, speculations It intends to sense the momentum that drives us to fight against collective unthinking, and presents the assumption of collective thinking as a “speculative gesture.”

with Cast: Eva Barois De Caevel, Lucy Bayley, Christian Bernard, Manuel Borja-Villel, Clémentine Deliss, Keren Detton, Nile Koetting, Pierre Leguillon, Maria Lind, Sasha Pevak, Emilie Pitoiset, Zoë Renaudie, Xavier Rey, Fabrio Terrais, Camille Yolande Zola Zoli van der Heide.

Co-production of Capc / National Plastic Arts Center.


Thursday, December 8

• 8:30 am – Welcome

• 9:00 – Opening speech
By Sandra Patron and Beatrice Salmon

• 9:30 am – Opening conference
Fabrizio Terranova, Donna Haraway and speculative fiction

• 11:00 a.m. – Case study #1
Yolande Zola Zoli van der Heide, Disobedience in the museum. Mud, mother, and death work in “The Last Truth Is Change.”

• 11:30 am – Case study #2
Pierre Leguillon, Museum of Errors

• 14:00 – Seminars
– Eva Barois de Caevel, Imagined communities
– Sasha Pevak Maps, gaps and elevations. Around a work on the edge of the collection
– Emilie Pitoiset, We practice
– Zoe Renaudie, World of Pale Fires

Cedric Fawkes, Systematic Love + visiting exhibitions

• 15:30 – Sample 3rd sample
Lucy Bayley, Reshaping the Collection: When Works of Art Live in the Museum At the Tate Modern in London

• 16:30 – Conversation
Manuel Borja-Villel and Sandra Patron (video)

• 18:00 – Listening session
Neil Cotting, Keep calm – small +

Friday, December 9

• 9:00 – Welcome

• 9:30 am – Opening conference
By Clementine Deliss Metabolic Museum

• 11:00 – Conversation
Christian Bernard and Cedric Faugue

• 13:30 – Workshops
– Eva Barois de Caevel, Imagined communities
– Sasha Pevak Maps, gaps and elevations. Around a work on the edge of the collection
– Emilie Pitoiset, We practice
– Zoe Renaudie, World of Pale Fires

Camille Richert & Keren Detton Human Warmth, Art and Industry TriennaleDunkirk / Hauts-de-France + visit to exhibitions

• 15:30 – Sample 4th sample
Xavier Ray, Presentation of the collection during and after the works of the Center Pompidou

• 16:00 – Example 5th example
Maria Lind, The Tensta Museum Experience at Tensta Konstall (video)

• 16:30 – Closing remarks
By Sandra Patron and Beatrice Salmon

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Photo: Arthur Pequin