Seven gifts (and more) to give music lovers for Christmas without breaking the bank

Rising prices are, of course, a reality that affects music lovers as well. Some fancy boxes, especially on vinyl, become completely unavailable. Here are seven gifts — at relatively controlled prices — to put under the tree.

1. Michael Jackson- Thriller

This is an album that really doesn’t need a reissue. 70 million copies sold, a world record! – Thriller found its way into homes all over the world.

award Lomepal suffered from the blank page of his new album: “At times like this I feel like I’ll never get there.”

But now the disc is celebrating its fortieth anniversary, and it should not be ignored. This very affordable double CD lets you find original songs – beat, Thriller, Billie John, simply! – bonus CD with ten rare or unreleased titles in addition. These songs will be of interest only to specialists and absolute fans of the singer, but this is a good, target audience!

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Recommended price: €15.

2. Treatment – Desire

This is the final tapestry masterpiece for Robert Smith. Released just thirty years ago, Desire ideally mixes all aspects of the band, lead and dark atmospheres (opening title Open) bright pop up Friday I’m in love.

award ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons on his friendship with Jimi Hendrix: ‘I didn’t want to believe it when he died’

The original disc has been reissued on double vinyl as well as triple CD, featuring no fewer than thirty-three tracks, including hard-to-find demos and ultra-rare instrumentals. Lost Desires ! This is definitely the ultimate version of a fan-favorite album that hasn’t aged a bit…

Recommended price: €19 (3 ​​CDs), €32.

Playlist: Fifteen Names to Remember Christophe’s Genius

3. Christopher – Nomination(s)

The elegance of the French song was killed by Covid in April 2020, but his music remains very much alive and continues to influence several generations of artists.

The newly released compilation takes the gamble of not offering the titles everyone knows (Alina, Blue words), but rarer pieces, e.g Come back, Sophie Where This is the rage of living. To rediscover…

Recommended price: €21.99.

award Iron Maiden: “Some want the pandemic to continue spreading terror, but I hope it stops”

4. Iron Maiden – The number of the animal

Released in 1982, this album blasted heavy metal onto the world stage. The disc, armored with noisy chrome hits with the high voice of singer Bruce Dickinson, sold at least twenty million copies worldwide. !

Adrian Smith (Iron Girl): “The Blues Are Timeless”

Forty years later, these eight outstanding titles of the genre remain extremely influential and, as a significant bonus, offer a slight makeover on the vinyl version with a concert recorded in London at the time. In short, a triple dose of heavy metal. Fans love it…

Recommended price: €65.

Gerard Manset: “I’m a voice artist”

5. Gerard Manset – Mansetlandia

For more than fifty years, Gerard Manset has remained an enigma. No concerts, very few interviews and frankly esoteric albums that follow each other and mysteriously find their audience.

Released for Christmas, the numbered white vinyl boxset brings together outtakes from four albums recorded between 2006 and 2018. Manitoba is not responding and an incredibly fragile version of it Like LegoI also heard from Alain Bashung.

Recommended price: €85.

award Benjamin Biolay: “When I was young, I imagined the artistic life was less competitive”

6. Benjamin Biolay – St. Clair

Benjamin Biolay’s new and highly successful album already contained sixteen tracks when it was released last September. The new version released for the holidays adds six unreleased songs: Christmas songs, covers, little surprises… Something to listen to while waiting for the new tour.

Recommended price: €18.

Black Sabbath: “No one ever played the same music as us”

7. Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell/Mob rules

With their first eight albums, Black Sabbath invented heavy metal and paved the way for several generations of edgy bands. But in the early 80s, Black Sabbath, tired of singer Ozzy Osbourne’s escapades, hired a new singer, Ronnie James Dion.

Fifty years ago (and some dust), Black Sabbath invented heavy metal

Under his influence, the band’s style evolves towards atmosphere Dungeons and Dragons. The two reissued albums, highly successful in their genre, return to their former glory, especially with the addition of rare bonus tracks and concert extracts.

Recommended price: €10 (CD) and €32 (vinyl)

Remy Bonnet

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