Politics: Pays d’Uzès takes action for ecological transition

the community council On Monday, November 28, du Pays d’Uzès (CCPU) began with three opposition votes and two abstentions to approve the minutes of the previous meeting; this time it was not Lydie Defos du Rau (Uzès) but Marie-Lise Gloanec (Aigaliers) who regretted that the interventions during the meetings were not recorded in these reports.

A new car for CCPU

The second item was not put to the vote of councilors, it was reported decisions made by the president of the CCPU, Fabrice Verdier. Ads that make people react Lydie Defos du Rau about purchasing a vehicle at the end of the session “100% electric salon type”, Renault Megane for just over €39,000: “One Zoe would be enough, wouldn’t it?”. A comment that openly floats Fabrice Verdier, who defends the choice of the French sector along with electricity. “This vehicle will be used by CCPU agents who can travel in groups and for long trips,” justifies the request for a grant from Occitania region for the purchase of this vehicle.

Financing of the Pays d’Uzès municipalities

From them competition fund divided into municipalities in the territory. Saint-Siffret will receive 30,000 euros due to the public lighting renewal project. €1,770 to Fons-sur-Lussan for changing the heating devices in his school.

Air energy is mentioned in the climate plan

different accounting transactions including the transfer of credits originally earmarked for the PCAET (Plan for Climate Air Energy) for various projects such as seat insulation CCPU; heat pump installation Belvezet media library or replacement of computer hardware Saint-Quentin media library followed by fire. “I’m interested in the dynamics of PCAET, where we withdraw credits,” slides by Xavier Gayte (La Capelle-et-Masmolène). “I assure you, although some steps are long, things are moving forward. We will settle at the beginning of 2023, Fabrice Verdier agrees. Moreover, we are completely in the spirit of this plan when it comes to thermal rehabilitation or energy performance of buildings, as is the case here.”

Energy vigilance invites itself to the municipal council of Uzès

Energy renewal is planned for the Uzes media library

Continuously, a Financial plan voted for energy renewal Uzes media library in the amount of €385,000, including €161,700 from self-financing, and the rest is provided by Region, Department and State subsidies.

“We have estimated the increase in the energy bill at 300,000 euros, so we have to act with all the levers at our disposal,” Supports Fabrice Verdier, who raised the hopes of solar panels in Ombrière.

Mas-de-Mèze UAE ready at the end of 2023?

creating an additional budget for Mas-de-Mèze UAE was an opportunity for Bernard Rieu (Vallabrix) to ask when the area will be available. “It is difficult to undertake, the CCPU president knows. We are in the pollution section. If everything goes well, the developments will start in September 2023.”

Works on the Chemin du Haras in Uzes

Programmed archaeological diagnostics for ZAC des Sablas

As for the transfer of land from the main budget to the additional budget Sablas ZAC, it was Lydie Defos du Rau who was given the opportunity to question archaeological diagnosisthe current warhorse of this project’s main rival, the Uzègen Protection Collective. “We had a meeting with Inrap, the diagnosis will be carried out in the macrolots of the 1st tranche in February, for the 2nd tranche we are waiting for a return from the Prefecture. Frédéric Salle-Lagarde (Musak) announces. If something is discovered at that time, preventive searches will be scheduled.

The goal of financial transparency

Still under management, CPCU will move from M14 accounting to M57 nomenclature, “Elected officials will be offered training to be able to integrate the variables,” Fabrice Verdier announces his desire for pedagogy and transparency.

It is for budget transparency that the CCPU president also accepted the idea of ​​providing accounting. “analytical” In response to Marie-Lise Gloanec asking to create an additional budget for Ombrière. “We don’t break even for all shows, assumes that but we are at the high end of comparable rooms.”

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